INEC Approves UPP, As Political Party



Chief Chekwas Okorie

Information reaching indicates that the Independent National Electoral Commission [INEC] has given its final approval for the United Peoples Party [UPP] to operate as a full-fledged political party. The authorization came today October 2, 2012 following a board meeting that ended at about 3pm.

The UPP will be the first political party registered under the watch of the INEC Chairman, Professor Attahiru Jega.

The founder of UPP, Chief Chekwas Okorie, was also the founder of the All Progressive Grand Alliance [APGA].

The new party, UPP is expected to be the new party for the south east and south south political region. The logo of the party is the head of a Tiger.



  1. Is our Jega a Professor of political science confused or doing a hatchet job?What is the rationale registering political parties on one hand registering new parties?There litigation in court challenging INEC powers on party de[registration at list from the National Conscience Party,NCP,Gani’s party,Nigerian foremost party that has no stigma is better for Jega to leave the parties alone and let them take their time to grow particularly those ones that are not been run through loot from public treasury as epitomize by the government of the ruling party.Jega should concentrate in giving us credible elections and provision of level playing grounds to all political parties particularly those not controlling power at the center or state that are marginalized and schemed out by monetized electoral process by the looting parties.He should have a round table discussion with these disadvantaged political parties to identify factors mitigating against their wining elections.This is the only way to deepen our democracy and not de-registration today and re-registration tomorrow.Its senseless!!!

  2. i can only say that we are really experiencing a good democratic dispensation. its is a welcome development. however, Chekwas should be more and very careful this time around. never, to forget the youths because i have it before is not property. we have able and highly intelligent youths that can take UPP to the promise land rather than those old robbers.

  3. Chekwas Okorie is a true Igbo man and a Nigerian patriot. He deserves what comes to him regarding the registeration of his new party. I hope this party will take over the south east and over shadow all the other parties in that area. He did it before and I am sure he will do it again. Go Chekwas and the good Lord will see you through. But be very careful this time around!!!!

  4. Political party registration structure is not people friendly. Hence, the birth of mega conspiracies in the name of political parties. The Nigerian Youth will be empowered through its own political platform. One that represents it!


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