Jos Crisis: Police Tighten Security amidst Renewed Fear


The troubled region of north central Nigeria appears under siege over renewed fear of another round of terrorist activities. Information available to through sources close to the activities in Jos North Local Government Area [LGA] indicate the security operatives in Plateau State have received credible but unconfirmed intelligence suggestive of an ongoing terrorist plot presently in the works.

Security reports available to the Plateau State Commissioner of Police, D. Ayemi, indicates that a group believed to be an Islamic group is reported to be smuggling dangerous weapons into the Jos North area – through the assistance of residents living along the Bauchi road area of Jos. The dangerous weapons are believed to be smuggled from the mountainous boundary of Mubi, Adamawa State with Cameroun.

The security source who confided with disclosed that the security operatives remain uncertain of the trail followed by the smugglers or where the weapons are stored but the intelligence is near certain amassment of dangerous weapons are ongoing.

It was as a result of the security reports that caused the Police Commissioner, Ayemi, into taking action to address the community leaders of the troubled area in Plateau State. The meeting was convened on Monday September 10, 2012 – where the Commissioner impressed on the tribal leaders to lay down their arms and cooperate with the security agencies. In particular, the Commissioner pleaded with the leaders to consider turning over all weapon cache in their possession – and to inform the police of weapon’s smuggling – or illegal weapons being amassed by would-be terrorists.

Responding, the leaders of the various communities welcomed the pleas of the Police Commissioner while assuring full cooperation with the police. In particular, the leader of the Fulani community assured the police chief of the community’s complete cooperation in ensuring dangerous weapons are not amassed by terrorists within the community.

In talking with political activists in the Jos North environs, it was learnt that the prolonged peace currently enjoyed by the residents of the area has been termed “unusual” by the security operatives. They anticipate that the upcoming senatorial by-elections next month might serve a “golden opportunity” and an “excuse” to re-ignite violence in Jos. But other experts conversant with the Jos intra-politics discounted the threat associated with the upcoming elections as baseless – adding that agitators of violence in the area are tired of fighting.

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