ANPP: Independence Day Message



As our dear nation celebrates its 98th year as a country and 52nd year as an Independent nation, the All Nigeria Peoples Party [ANPP] wishes all Nigerians a happy Independence Day Celebration.

Our country Nigeria was born with so much hope. It is this hope that inspired the great statesmen and women who fought for our independence. Our future is great. However, as a nation, we have been passing through so many difficulties. But we have also made a number of achievements.

Nevertheless, the time has come for all Nigerians to believe in our country and work together as one people for the good of all. We must start practicing those values that bring progress to a nation, such as justice, fairness, and the rule of law. No Nigerian should be allowed to be above the law; this is what is needed to build a strong, stable and a united country with confident and happy citizens.

We in the ANPP believe that with the proper vision, our nation will occupy its rightful place in the comity of nations. Our dear country has a very important role to play in sustaining peace and progress in the world. We are confident that we will achieve it, because our great party believes in the emerging greatness of our dear nation.


Dr Ogbonnaya Onu

National Chairman




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