The Spiritual Danger In Ebonyi Politics


By Osita Julius Nworu;

We are living in a time and in a state where politics has become the only thriving business. Everything is now politics, our faith, culture, tradition and our relationship with one another. If one belongs to a particular political party, he or she may not have anything to do with his brother or sister who has made a different choice of a political party. We are all aware of the type of politics being played in Ebonyi state. When a wrong kind of politics get mixed up with people’s way of life it becomes dangerous combination as we can see from the way we are governed.

There are politicians in Ebonyi, who wants to perpetually remain in power. This group has been in every successive government since the creation of the state. They contribute immensely in running the state like a conquered territory. These bandits believe that Ebonyi state is their personal property and that all government properties belong to them. They feel they are licensed to commit all forms of impunity against the innocent citizens of the state. Such politicians however, cannot survive outside politics and an attempt to relinquish them their positions in government can be catastrophic as they can go to any length to remain in office. These greedy politicians who often fall prey to the seductive allure of material possessions think that their value as human beings is dependent upon the earthly riches. They strive to acquire more and more even to the detriment of their families.

The people ripple effect of the ongoing bad politics in our state is beginning to tell negatively on the faith of the people of the state who are mostly Christians. Polygamy practiced by our forefathers as pagans are now tolerated and celebrated by some of our high placed politicians. Paradoxically, these same politicians take front seats in different churches in the state. Christians who are government employees in ministries or government agencies where these politicians heads are forced to support and participate in ceremonies of taking a second wife which is not in line with the practice of their faith. No one can yet predict what a politician that decides to take a second wife after assuming office can do. It is possible that such a person can forcefully snatch one’s wife or even go to the extent of doing something diabolical to achieve his aim politically or otherwise.

The misuse of power by this group is so alarming to the extent that people are being led astray. What these politicians do have convinced growing number of people that all the secrets of life can be unlocked once there is money. Their lifestyle suggests that existence of God has no meaning to them. To a large extent they demonstrate practical denial of God by refusing to abide by the divine laws. They can order the arrest of a preacher who tells them the unpleasant truth and possibly look out for the prophets of easy life who will be telling them what they like as well as tell the public that they are God sent to salvage the people of the state.

They think that there is nothing like change and forget that time runs. The political history of our state or that of our sister states should be a lesson to some of them who have ears. They keep formulating policies that are anti human as a way to keep the people from a distance and ensure their voices are not heard.

Our sister states Enugu, Abia, Imo and Anambra have taken steps to build a God fearing society by handing over school to their original owners (missionaries) where leaders with the fear of God would emerge. The case is very different in Ebonyi state. Does the silent of the government on the issue of handing over schools to missionaries confirms the rumor that the state governor was a close ally to late Ukpabi Asika that masterminded the evil takeover of schools from their original owners and probably want to follow the questionable legacy of his former boss? All we hear from government is irrevocable and irreversible on issue that will bite hard on the people not the one that will favor them.

We all know the devastating effects when children are brought up without the fear of God as we can see from what is happening in our different institutions of higher learning and even in some of our primary and secondary schools.

The church leaders should speak up and ask for what belongs to them that were taken away several years ago. We may not have God fearing leaders in the near future if the church is shying away from what is considered essential in the building of a better society with God fearing leaders.

In spite of all the challenges and the fear created in our polity, Christians in politics should take their faith seriously, they should not withdraw from politics but to transform it; their influence, example, and prayers are intended to demonstrate God’s love in all facets. Fulfilling this mission, however, requires an awareness of the challenges we face — challenges which, while they can only be overcome through divine grace, requires them to be as “shrewd as serpents and simple as doves as they walk on the tight of rope of politics.





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