Press Release: Arewa Consultative Forum Charge Marginalization over Presidential Scholarship Program



Press Release

8th August, 2012



The attention of the Arewa Consultative Forum has been called to a most curious list of candidates published in the newspapers this week who are said to have qualified for the award of a presidential scholarship for innovation and development. It is a project being implemented by the National Universities Commission.


The scheme is designed to train and develop young Nigerians to become entrepreneurs capable of creating jobs, wealth and progress.


However, although the list released by the NUC is on a state by state basis, it is not at all clear that the Commission wanted candidates to come from all parts of the country. The criteria used to select the candidates appear designed to exclude those from the Northern states. It certainly enabled the NUC to ignore the national consensus on inclusiveness and balance of competing demands among groups and areas of the country. If the NUC had permitted itself to be guided by the need for balanced development of Nigeria, it would not have nominated a preponderance of candidates for this vital programme from Southern states to the near exclusion of the North. Oyo state, for example, has 52 candidates while, Sokoto, Yobe, Cross River and the FCT have nil candidates each. The list itself is explanatory.


If it is a mistake, NUC should take immediate steps to correct it. As presently implemented, it is a disservice to the very objective for which the scheme was set up and to our aspirations as a people.


Anthony N. Z Sani

National Publicity Secretary


Presidential Special Scholarship for Innovation Development

List of candidates shortlisted, 2012

South     North
1 Abia 10 1 Bauchi 2
2 Akwa   Ibom 6 2 Benue 7
3 Anambra 45 3 Borno 1
4 Bayelsa 2 4 Gombe 6
5 Delta 15 5 Jigawa 2
6 Ebonyi 5 6 Kaduna 8
7 Edo 27 7 Kano 4
8 Ekiti 21 8 Katsina 4
9 Enugu 6 9 Kebbi 1
10 Imo 14 10 Kogi 25
11 Lagos 19 11 Kwara 14
12 Ogun 49 121 Nasarawa 2
31 Ondo 27 13 Niger 2
14 Osun 46 14 Pleateau 1
15 Oyo 52 15 Taraba 1
16 Rivers 4 16 Zamfara 2
17 Adamawa 1
Totals   348   83



1.     Sokoto

2.     Yobe

3.     Cross River

4.     FCT


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