Exclusive: New NSA Dasuki threatens to quit office; As JTF Members engages in mass Exodus


The new spate of violence which is currently sweeping across the Nation along a bloody trail that appears emboldened with each corrective measure undertaken by the President of the Federal Republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan, may have triggered other more latent squabbles within the security operatives of Executive cabinet of the President.

Information available to 247ureports.com through a source close to the National Security Adviser (NSA) to the President indicates that there appear confirmatory indicators that the New NSA might be on his way out of the NSA, if his demands remain un-meet.

According to the information received, the new NSA recently threatened to abandon his post in a direct tirade to Mr. President. Dasuki is said to have demanded for his men to be recruited into his office to enable him discharge his duty as expected. However, our source revealed that Mr. President refused Dasuki’s request and insisted that his (Jonathan) men should remain intact.

Knowledgeable sources credit the President’s unwilling behavior to the circumstances surrounding the NSA appointment. It is also gathered that Background information indicates Dasuki’s accession to the Post of NSA came as a result of blackmail and a not too friendly arm-twisting of President Jonathan by forces believed to be aligned with the former Nigerian Dictator, General Ibrahim Badamosi Babangida, the former Vice President Abubakar Atiku and other influential members of the People Democratic Party (PDP) from the North.

In what President Jonathan, believed was a move to appease the North, buckled and appointed an NSA he never wanted to appoint. So a volatile cocktail was brewed at the goal post of innocent lives and insecurity –as men of the Islamic terrorist group, the Boko Haram opted to serve the new NSA an embarrassing dish.

This, the group achieved through unleashing new attacks on areas it had never attacked before. The terrorist group attacked the hometown of the NSA using sophisticated suicide bomber who drove in a Mercedes Benz Sport Utility Vehicle- killing six Nigerian Police officers. In addition, the group have continued to launch successive successful attacks in the typical areas of Yobe, Borno, Gombe, Kaduna.

The group in a show of arrogance has touted the appointment of Dasuki as indicative and/or symptomatic of desperation on the part of Mr. President and his men. This they noted while threatening to engage in more spectacular attacks and assassination of highly placed officials in the social spectra.

Dasuki, on his part is said to be aware of the impending posture of the Terrorist group immediately following the end of the Holy period Ramadan and for this reason, he had asked the president to allow him recruit his men in order to penetrate and dislodge the terrorist group against the next wave of attacks. But the President’s refusal saw an angry Dasuki threatening to abandon his post- to save his face. President Jonathan, according to a source, has yet to respond to Dasuki or accede to his demand. The President seems deeply engaged in quelling the impeachment threat against him, said the source.

Meanwhile an unnerving silence is said to be brewing in the various federated security outfits over the spate of renewed violence against security operatives appear to have further undermined the already weakened moral amongst the security operatives.

Our sources pointed particular attention to the trend observed among the members of the Joint Task Force (JTF) stationed to Mubi area of Adamawa State stretching to Bornu State area near the Cameroun/Nigeria Border. The members of the JTF have experienced a mass exodus of officers- including men of the State Security Services.

Accordingly available information indicates the Presidency had been briefed on the ongoing trend two months ago. But the trending appears undeterred.



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