The prevalence of land grab criminality within the ranks of the leaderships in the Nigeria democratic setup appears on a steady increase. Information recently made available to 247ureports.com through sources close to the activities with the Federal Housing Authority [FHA] headquarters in Abuja indicate that the Managing Director of the FHA, Mr Tever. Gemade may have offered the 1st lady of Nigeria, Patience Jonathan a housing estate as a bribe – in exchange for his continued stay as the FHA Managing Director.

According to the information received, the housing estate is located in Gwarimpa and shares a fence with Foreign Affairs State Quarters. The housing estate which is presently unoccupied is estimated to number four rolls of huge building blocks – with each of the rolls containing eight 4-bedroom flats. Each flat is equipped with luxurious amenities typical apartments found in high priced neighbourhoods such as Maitama and Asokoro districts.

What appears criminal about the housing estate transfer to the 1st lady is in the manner the files and records at the FHA office. Available information indicates that no records exist of the property or the transfer of the same estate to the 1st Lady. According to an inside source at the FHA, there are no records of the property or the sale of the land – or records of the former owner of the landed property.

The source revealed that the file containing the records of the said land area was retrieved by the FHA Managing Director, Tever Gemade. And the file has since been hidden away from the sight of the workers at the agency. Presently, a loud silence hovers over the missing records.

According to inside sources, the reason for the donation of the estate is to protect his job and also his dirty deals. According to the source; “whatever, the First lady cannot get for you or secure for you, no one else can do it for you. This is because when she said something she means it, and if it involves money, she will not collect the money until the deed is done and if the deed is not done you get back what you gave to her. However, there has been no anything that the First lady is committed to that didn’t yield fruitful result.”

So it is not surprising that the FHA Boss donated that estate to the First Lady to secure his Job, as is now glaring that his job is on the line due to his insatiable crave for wealth and money.

Police sources at the FCT Command has this to say;  “This  man we don’t know whether he knows what his office is all about, there is hardly a day that we don’t receive petition and complaints against him from individuals and organisations whom he had collected land or confiscated their lands or even revoke their plots. We don’t know when he became AGIS or Development Control that issues land titles and have the power to revoke it. He and his organisation are just like any other persons or organization in Nigeria which also goes to the FCDA to request for land allocation. Every time you see him running to us here, saying please help me my enemies want to kill me, which enemies, it is those people he has defrauded and collected their land. Infact we have lot of complaints and petitions against him here. We are even tired of him.”

Inquiry by 247ureports.com further reveals that the mechanisation against the political activities of 2015 may be the principal reason for the illegal gift to the 1st Lady. The FHA MD is reported to be gearing for a political run in 2015 for the gubernatorial elections in Benue State. The gift is supposedly to help smoothes his ability to obtain the support of the presidency towards getting a ticket from Peoples Democratic Party [PDP].

Meanwhile, the President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan is said to be considering new personnel for some of the Departments and Agencies that had proved politically problematic. Our source states that the FHA MD has been concerned about his continued stay at the realm of affairs at the FHA. Other sources disclose that the MD has begun a massive campaign of lobbying against his removal from the top seat.

It is unsure what will become of the top seat at the FHA but it appears certain the presidency is concerned over the mounting allegations against the FHA MD of financial irresponsibility and crimes.



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