Journalists demand redeployment of corps members from Jos


  • Threatens court action

The current palpable situation state of insecurity in plateau state has again attracted the attention of the young journalists forum (YJF) with a press statement issued yesterday ordering the immediate redeployment of corps members from the endlessly volatile state, threatening court action if NYSC refuses to act accordingly.
Signed by its president, Ayodele Samuel and zacheaus somorin, secretary, the statement said that the brutal killing of Senator Dantong of the PDP and a state lawmaker has again led credence the hard reality that the state is still being held hostage by loony killers and ‘cold warriors’.
”The sycophantic attitude of the leadership of the nysc calls for national concern as there Ȋ̝̊̅s no more rational reason in posting corps members to the state where there have been preponderant reprisal killings between the Hausas and the indegenes of the state” the statement read in part.
The corps members posted to the state had, during the weekend, held the NYSC Director General to ransom demanding their redeployment to other states.
YJF condemned what he called the intentional feigning of ignorance of the youth ministry and NYSC as regards the cold war that had engulfed the state since 2001 in which many lives of the corps members have been lost.
“While it is a  reality that some influential individuals within the North have always been pressurising theNYSC to post corps members to their region, its Ȋ̝̊̅§ quite disheartening that the NYSC leadership has always been dancing to their tune” the statement added.
The journalists described as mere ” verbal ejaculation” the empty promises made by the plateau state government that the lives and properties of the corps members are safe even when there has never been any means to accommodate them safely after orientation camp.
The statement added: the killing of Senator Gyang Dantong of the ruling People’s Democratic Party and a state lawmaker Ȋ̝̊̅§ a clear evidence that  peace still eludes the state and no argument or tacit extenuation is acceptable in retaining corps members there” The group pointed out that the continued insensitivity of the nysc’s leadership depicts a scheme that has lost its essence and value thus becoming a malleable tools in the hands of selfish political elites at the helms of affair in the northern region who have refused to employ enough teachers thus using corps members as alternative.



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