“Fulani Fighters Plan Attack on Southern Kaduna Next” – Security Reports

Victim of Fulani Fighters in Jos

The bloody mayhem of Sunday July 8, 2012 in Barkin Ladi, Plateau State by supposed Fulani herdsmen on innocent mourners gathered at a burial of other murdered innocent souls in the hands of the supposed Fulani herdsmen may have not been an isolated incident as widely reported and believed in the Nigerian media and populace. This is as information made available to 247ureports.com through eight prominent traditional rulers in southern Kaduna who have in their possession security reports indicating that the attack on Barki Ladi was not an isolate incident.

According to the information received, the security reports which was generated and released to the wider security network in December 2011 indicated that intelligence report mentioned of a security threat associated with an Islamic based terrorist group that intends to attack non-Muslim communities located along grazing strips typical of the type of strips utilized by Fulani herdsman. The report indicated that the Islamic intend to use the grazing communities used by Fulani herdsman as launching pads to attack the communities such as the incursions into grazing strips located along the boundary areas of Benue State and Nasarawa State – where the supposed Fulani herdsmen had launched repeated attacks recently.

The eight prominent traditional rulers of southern Kaduna spoke to 247ureports.com pointed out that the grazing areas of Plateau State have fallen under the attack plans of the Islamic based terrorist group. They add also that Southern Kaduna, according to the security report, falls within the gazing areas that the terrorist intend to ply. In their take, the terrorist next port of attack is slated to be in southern Kaduna.

Already, the affected indigenes of Plateau State are said to have begun migrating into southern Kaduna particularly the people of Berom– along with displaced Fulani herdsmen who are also heading into southern Kaduna. This increasing migration was confirmed by the chief press secretary of Kaduna State, Mr. Reuben Buhari who told 247ureports.com the government has detected the increased refugees in the southern part of the State. He however denied knowledge of a security report indicating that the Islamist terrorist group was headed for Southern Kaduna.

It is recalled that following the instruction by the President of the federation, Dr. Goodluck Jonathan to fish out the culprits responsible for the death of the Nigerian Senator and 3 other legislators, the military soldiers stationed at the forest area charged within with hunting down the culprits – revealed that the contact which they made with the culprit shown clearly that the culprits were not merely Fulani herdsmen. A source within the military confirmed that the men were well equipped with machinery that was better than the one ones being used by the military. They indicated that the culprits overpowered them briefly before the military helicopter arrived with firepower from up. They culprits were armed with assorted SMGs and RPGs. It was clear they were not Nigerians or Fulanis, said the military source.


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