Ethnic War Looms In Southern Kaduna: Southern Kaduna Is The Land Of The Fulanis……Miyetti Allah


from George Oraeki

The National President of miyetti Allah kautal hore, Alhaji Bello Abdullahi Bodejo has called on the militant groups in southern kaduna known as AKHWAT AKWOP,who days ago issued statement asking the fulanis of southern kaduna to leave the region,to desist from such unruly threats.

Alhaji Abdullahi Bodejo made this observation in Abuja,against the backdrop of the militant christian group plot to chase the fulani herdsmen away from southern kaduna.

According to the statement credited to the spokesperson of the group,Bukama leguma who described the fulanis as dogs,has been urged by miyetti Allah to retract such provoking utterances.

The Miyetti Allah chieftain said the fulanis are competent to defend themselves,anytime,anyday.In time of war and peace adding that southern kaduna is the land of the fulanis.

He opined that the fulanis migrated into southern kaduna over one hundred years ago,while the constitution of the federal republic of Nigeria on citizenship rights empowers them to live in any part of the nation,as their abode.

‘these militant group in southern kaduna are useless,while Nigerians are looking for peace,they are busy trying to open up another war,we look at their statements as pure madness.”

Alhaji Abdullahi Bodejo called on Governor patrick yakowa to urgently call for a crucial meeting between the traditional rulers of southern kaduna,the fulanis of southern kaduna for a roundtable discussions to avert looming war.

He lamented the killings of over one thousand fulanis in 2011,during the politically influenced killings by the same group,warned that this time around,the fulanis will not fold their hands to be killed massively again.

The christian militant group known as AKHWAT AKWOP in an email to an online publication alleged that it has watched with disgust the unrelenting murder and the killing of peaceful,Innocent and hardworking people of southern kaduna,by wandering bands of fulani terrorist gunmen operating in southern kaduna,urged the fulani herdsmen to leave the area within seven days.

the christian militant group,accused the herdsmen of ploy to create a situation of insecurity in southern kaduna,whereby the people of the area will not farm on their lands peacefully,at the end hunger,deprivation and famine will set in.

In debunking this claims.Alhaji Abdullahi Bodejo explained that in Benue,Taraba,Nasarawa,plateau and kaduna states.skirmishes of crisis often erupts between the fulani herdsmen and the farmers of such area,due to the cattle routes and the grazing land.

He contended that there are cattle and rearing routes,internationally,Nationally,locally people pilfer on this routes made by law,and tend to make trouble.

Another factor that eroded this cattle routes is the dense population.people purchase acres of land and fence it round,farmers,herdsmen are barred from using such land.

He called on the federal and state governments to influence the cattle routes laws,and sensitize the people on the need to obey such laws,so that herdsmen and farmers clash could be averted.

Alhaji Bodejo said miyetti Allah is an umbrella organization of the fulani meant to promote and safeguard the fulani heritage in Nigeria.




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