Bomb Scare In Karu, Abuja


Information reaching through sources within the military men staged at Karu in the Federal Capital Territory [FCT] indicates that the military man may have foiled a planned attack today at around 12noon.

According to early information received, the men of the Nigerian military stationed near the Karu area where the old Central Bank Quaters is located – during their routine stop and search exercises – came across a Honda Civil vehicle thatseemed suspicious. The military men stopped the vehicle and questioned the occupants of the vehicle. The response from the occupants of vehicle seemed “rehearsed and un-natural”. So “we decided to search the vehicle” stated one of the military men who conducted the search.

The search uncovered dangerous weapons and other electronic gadgets that the military men could not readily determine what it was.  The weapons were concealed inside the trunk of the vehicle. In particular, several riffles [AK47] was discovered hidden under the tyre and some canisters were found under the seats of the vehicle. The two occupants of the car have since been detained by the army. It is unsure the identities of the detained culprits.

The military has since put up military check points along the road leading from Nyanya to Kurudu where a military estate is located.

stay tuned.



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