Abia Monorail Project Exposed


  • A possible     Nigerian is running Globim – Say Foreign Journalists

By Odimegwu Onwumere



A monorail is a banister-platform transportation coordination based on a solo rail, which proceeds as its single support and its conduct way.



More sugarcoated answers have been given by Governor Theodore Orji of Abia State than questions are asked on the possibility of achieving the monorail project which his administration said it was going to build in Abia State. Widely reported last month, Orji had boasted that his administration has signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with a Canadian company, Globim Corporation, for the construction of a monorail transportation system in the state.



According to information available on its policy online, Globim Corporation is a privately owned consortium of internationally-recognized and multi-disciplinary engineering organizations, experts and specialists in various fields of transportation and infrastructure. Internally, Globim has adequate personnel capabilities to implement any engineering project from start to finish. This includes design and construction, management of contractors and subcontractors, manufacturing and requisite supply needed to complete the project.



But in the outbreak that a monorail was going to be built in Abia State, I contacted my friend-colleagues in Canada and the USA in the journalism profession to help me investigate whether the Globim has a track record in the construction of Monorail, and the results of their investigation is rather more shocking than it could be believed. Their investigation reveals that Orji perhaps was out to reap money fraudulently from Abia State’s coffers.



One of their reports reads: “This is clearly a scam to get money out of Nigeria to Canada. Ask yourself why aren’t they using the world leader in rail systems at, http://www.bombardier.com/en/transportation/products-services/rail-vehicles/automated-monorailsor going to China or Japan for this? The Globim people have no track record of building anything (clue to this being suspect is that a possible Nigerian is running the company). Clearly as Governor you start as many projects as you can – scam off the development money (sometimes as much as 20% of the total – so in this case 50 million USD ) multiply by all the other projects that don’t get made,  is it a good way to make money?



“According to Globim’s website, the first phase of the Onitsha Monorail is budgeted at US $503 million and will have the equivalent of 36.2 kilometers of single track. No word so far on who the supplier for the actual trains and infrastructure will be, or where it might be manufactured or what the local content might be.”



On the exterior, Governor Orji had promised that Abia State would provide the labour and security required for the success of the monorail project; in just the same way many projects awarded in Abia State require both questions and answers. For example, the Achara Ihechiowa-Amagwu road awarded to Worldwide Environmental Technologies LTD at the sum of over N380m was one of the many roads that were awarded, but later abandoned. And here is Orji promising to build a monorail system in Abia State.
Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, and Media Consultant, writes from Rivers State. Email: apoet_25@yahoo.com



  1. Odimegwu Onwumere, your ridiculous jaundiced opinion is duly noted. Jude Igwemezie is among the top 20 rail engineers in North America. He is also the ceo of Applied rail Research Technologies (ARRT)and Norfast- a rail tie fasting system manufacturer.
    In your ridiculous opinion, unless such a technology system is developed and implemented by China or North American companies, then it is not writing home about, and you forget that Jude is also a citizen of Canada, and a great rail engineer of repute. his proposal or MOU is based on PPP strategy and not a “CONTRACT” as your pedestrain mind understand it. Meaning that TransGlobium is going to finance an overwhelming majority of the project cost, while meeting up with their corporate responsibilities to host communities.
    Your dislike for your governor should not becloud your judgement, so do not drag Jude Igwemezie into disrepute simply because you have an attitude problem.

  2. Odimegwu Onwumere,kindly let your audience and handlers know which company in ASIA, NORTH AMERICA or EUROPE is interested in venturing into Nigeria or other developing economies to propose to finance such projects entirely by themselves?
    The fraud ridden Lagos Abuja rail project was awarded as a “contract”, meaning that the longer it takes to execute, the more money the Chinese Contractor will be fleecing the Nigerian government of. However, for TransGlobium’s PPP initiative,the longer it takes, the deeper in the hole TransGlobium will sink and the financiers will be hanging them from Canada to Europe and Middle-East and every funding source in between.

  3. Onwumere is sn idiot! He goes about wtiting riduculous notes on Governor TA Orji and Abia. Odimegwu, you lied in all your assumption… Abia is on the path of progress and the Governor is trying his best. Foolishly stop writing and spreading hate.


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