Jonathan Changes University of Lagos to MKO Abiola University


The President of the federal republic of Nigeria, Dr. Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan in his May 29, 2012 address to the nation in celebration of Democracy Day has anounced the change of name of the University of Lagos  to MKO Abiola University.

The President’s address was made in the morning of May 29, 2012.

The late MKO Abiola marked the contemporary symbol of democracy in Nigeria following the tussle to end military rule in Nigeria. Abiola had contested for the presidency – and was believed to be the winner when the then military dictator, Ibrahim Babangida cancelled the elections. The election cancelaton opened the flood gates to protests and riots around the country and around the world where Nigerians were resident. The struggle for justice landed Abiola in prison where he later died mysteriously in the hands of the Nigerian military dictators.

Some of the alumini of the university who reacted to the announcement expressed anger over the name change – indicating that the decison was a political one. Already, reports have it that a protest has started within the campus – and has begun to reach the gate of the campus to pour out to the streets in Yaba.

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  1. It is ill-timed by the ruling political party to cause mayhem in Lagos. If not, why now? Why not name one of the new Universities after him,esp the one meant for GEJ village if he so much loved him.or was he one of the hitmen that killed MKO? How many higher institutions have been named after MKO? Please let Unilag authorities and alumni Assoc disappoint him and his cohort to court; instead of the mayhem they anticipate. The Drs headache pending at Lagos is enough for now.shame!

  2. Name change or not we want quality graduate programs,adequate research funding,improved standards,and functional infrastructural systems.before the brohaha,ponder on this Does GEJ have the right to do what he did?,Of what benefits does the name change got to do with the students? Will the name change affects the quality of education in Unilag? Does he need to consult with the student,lecturers,and other stakeholders? Does the student have a choice to leave or stay if they dont like it?

    • @Leke u’re one of millions dat in support of GEJ, are u really ok upstair? Do u know what it means. If d Fed Govt wawant 2 recognise MKO why not declear June 12 national holiday

  3. What a joke! MKO is not a solid role model for anything, the useless man is as good as dead. Why on earth will anything be named after him, does GLJ knows what the hell he is doing at all? Many graduates are out of school with no job and this asshole thinks naming a university after an irresponsible man like MKO is what is nappropriate? Now you see why Nigerian citizens are running out of the God forsaken country. I say we need REVOLUTION……kill those bastards!

    • @Doyin i strongly agreed wit u what we need in dis country now is REVOLUTION, let d youth resist dis bad leaders so we can b like Ghana

  4. I dnt tink dis is time 2 say anytin tin bad 2 our own president,GEJ is a man of wisdom i tink it a honor 4 mko and wel meanin nigerian who re strivin 2 be hero in our country .the name of d sku shud nt be a problm pls…our own president u hav dne wel..


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