Day 2: UNILAG still Shut, 3rd Mainland Bridge Shut, As VC is Buried Tomorrow

3rd Mainland Bridge

The remnants of the Democracy Day address by the President of the federal republic of Nigeria [FGN], Goodluck Ebelemi Jonathan, which made public the announcement of the name change of University of Lagos [UNILAG] to Moshood Abiola University Lagos [MAULAG] – continues to lingers in the city of Lagos and at the university campus.

Information available indicates that the students of MAULAG who have staged a protest immediately following the announcement of the name change -have continued to stage protests at the main entrance to the university campus. “The main entrance has been blocked“, stated a worker at the university campus who also expressed disappointment at the sudden change of name by the President. He states that student protest may disturb the peace that returned to Lagos the end of the oil subsidy removal protests. “The Staffs, workers and students are not allowed into the campus except through the backdoor but everybody is angry“.

Also, this morning, according eyewitness reports, the students have taken their protests to the 3rd mainland bridge – and have proceeded to take over the bridge and to halt all vehicular movement. According to one of eyewitness reports, “we are held hostage in a military style siege on 3rd mainland bridge by MAULAG student. They barricaded the road with BRT buses“.  The bridge was said to have been held hostage for about 2hours.

Meanwhile, the late Vice Chancellor of UNILAG [now MAULAG] is scheduled to be buried tomorrow [Thursday] amidst the ongoing protest. Some of the workers at the university frowned at the insensitivity of President Jonathan towards the burial of the vice chancellor. “How can he do this when we are burying him tomorrow” states the worker as he went on to add that the matters has been tabled to the Courts to decide – as to whether the President could arbitrarily change the name of an institution as old and legendary as UNILAG without consultation to the stakeholders of the institution. This notion was shared across the board.

On the political side, the students expressed displeasure over what appears a politically laced decision by the Presidency. In their take, the president appears in desperate need to appease the south west – where the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP] had suffered great loss over the recent years. The students noted that the President wants to use the name change to score political points for the PDP in the south west.”But it backfired“.

Security agencies in Lagos fear the current situation may return violence to the streets of Lagos.

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