PDP to Aregbesola: Face governance and your health problems


The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) in the Southwest has admonished the Osun State Governor, Mr Rauf Aregbesola to face governance and his obvious health problems, instead of raising false alarm that there are threats to his life.

The PDP said the call became necessary following the governor’s admission in newspaper interviews last year that he was in India to do PET scan, adding that; “If there is any threat to Aregbesola’s life, it must be from the health problems that took him to India last year.”

PDP Zonal Publicity Secretary, Hon Kayode Babade said in a statement issued today that by Aregbesola’s confession in an interview published in the Leadership newspaper of September 11, 2011 that he was in India to do Positron Emission Tomography (PET) scan, no should be in doubt as to health challenges facing the governor.

“It is on record that Aregbesola said by himself that; ‘My local medical doctor had insisted that I need Medical check up and I should do PET scan or clinical image and the only place in the world that is good is India.’

“In medicine, Positron Emission Tomography (PET) is a medical imaging technology that allows physicians to visualize the body’s abnormal cellular activity. PET scans produce digital pictures that can, in many cases, aid the physician in identifying several forms of cancer, damaged heart tissue and brain disorders.

“The reality is that, if Aregbesola was asked by his own personal doctor to examine his body system, especially his brain, no one should be in doubt that something is wrong with him.

“Even his behaviour since he came back needs further analysis especially his utterances, and most importantly the burning of his bedroom in the Govt House with him locking the door and travelling to Lagos as the place was on fire.

“Therefore, the Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) should stop making noise about anyone planning to kill Aregbesola. Rather, the party should show love to the governor by advising him to pay more attention to his health, which poses greater challenges to his life, PDP said.

On the alleged ‘intelligence report’ reffered to by the ACN, the PDP said; “Our position is clear, we only called on security agencies in the country to investigate what we viewed as threat to the corporate existence of Nigeria, and we are not the one to teach the security people there job.

“However, from the ACN’s statement, it shows clearly that the party has something to hide and is afraid of the consequences of its sinister plots against Nigeria, which Aregbesola is coordinating.”


  1. A cursory luk at Osun state Gov shows he’s not normal,he disregard Authority,behave childish,brute and bullish wit reckles words,what on earth make Bola Tinubu to buy him d seat only God knows,Rauf may not do anythin meaningful since he has lost focus,unfortunately others don’t c him so,he’s bn seen as bold and Lion-Hearted,what a pity.


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