Removal of Fuel Subsidy, An Affront on the People

Events in recent times have not ceased to astound me.  In the face of the enormous challenges that Nigerians face, government still chose to exercise a blind eye, and is seeking to worsen the already sorry situation of the people. Why is it that despite all the pressing issues craving for government’s attention, the one she chose to court, is that of the removal of fuel subsidy, an option that is clearly against the interest of the people?
Isn’t it very shameful that after over five decades of discovering oil in commercial quantity, Nigeria our dear country is still importing refined petroleum into the country? We have been importing these products for over forty years. Yet it does not taste sour it the mouth of Mr. President to say that Nigeria will collapse if fuel subsidy is not removed. If after over fifty years of the discovery of oil, Nigeria still imports the refined product, then I think it is utterly disgusting and shameful. It means our leaders have not paid attention on the need to develop Nigeria. Their attention may have been on how to enrich themselves at the expense of the generality of the people. We all have seen how our politicians who lived in penury become multi millionaires upon attaining political. They accumulate this wealth, while the fortunes of the country continue to dwindle under their watch. Of course, they care less because all that matter is their pocket.
The President presented a budget to the National Assembly on the 13/12/2011, without making provision for subsidy. That singular act is a declaration of war on poor Nigerian masses. It is obvious that Mr. President and his team are ready for a confrontation with the people. I can assure him that the people will not just fold their arms and allow government mess up their lives through ill conceived policies. May be someone should remind Mr. Jonathan that it is almost five months since the inception of his administration, he is however yet to implement any of his campaign promises. I hasten to add also that the removal of fuel subsidy was never a part of his campaign promises. So where he got it from, don’t ask me. Or did he just fool Nigerians in order to win the April Elections?
His retinue of advisers must have underestimated the capability and capacity of Nigerians to fight any anti people policy by of government. I have indeed heard the Minister of Information, Mr. Labaran Maku make a statement, to the fact that the North African revolution cannot happen in Nigeria. My modest response is simply this, such a statement is laughable. If they think this is in the affirmative, then let them go ahead and dare the people by removing fuel subsidy. I have this inkling that our leaders forget that power belongs to the people. However, I am least surprised by their seeming ignorance. Because Nigerians, we have slept on our rights for too long. We must therefore awake from our protracted slumber and seek to protect our interests.
If Mr. President doesn’t have anything to offer Nigerians, let him engage in wide community consultations so that the people can school him on what they want government to do for them.  Removal of fuel subsidy is not the best decision, because this would merely pitch the government against the people. And government cannot withstand the wrath of the people. One had honestly expected the President to think about building more refineries and getting the current ones that lay in a comatose state, to work. Unfortunately however, the President is thinking otherwise.
Suffice to ask at this point, who will the benefit most from this removal of fuel subsidy? It most certainly cannot be the poor masses of Nigeria who toil day and night yet, they still live below a dollar per day. It must therefore be in the interest of the cronies of Mr. President, those who financed his campaigns. That is the only way he can pay them back. I dare say here that exploitation is not the best way to pay back a debt. 
The so called removal of fuel subsidy is evil, anti people and an affront on the people of Nigeria. We must therefore collectively resist and fight it. I call on all well meaning Nigerians to resist this move by the government. It is anything but in the interest of Nigerians. God bless Nigeria


  1. Has johnathan ever stay hungry b4?did he knew dat there are people who are realy suffering in dis country?,dat even to eat in a day is very hard.if he think dat de removal of fuel subsidy will put an end to our suffering or even corruption he is fighting wit lips service nigerian SAYS NO 4now.if he wants to see if we are seriouse he should go ahead and do his will and see if he would rule.nigerians are ready to support nlc,individual or any human right organisation to proff to him why he should not try dat.incase he is confuse on wat to do he should put our refineries to work and build new it not a shame 4 us to be importing refine oil after how many years since oil was discover in 9ja.he don’t know wat to do i like his courage he should go ahead wit his plan and see wat will happen.


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