Anambra ACN condemns extention of LG caretaker tenure


Action Congress of Nigeria (ACN) Anambra Chapter condemns the elastic transition to elected local government chairmen and councillors under the present state government as represented by the manipulation of the State House of Assembly to rubberstamp fresh three-month tenure for the illegal care-taker government in place in the local governments.

We again call on ANSIEC to release of a firm electoral timetable leading to the smooth conduct of local government elections this year.

The unnecessary tenure renewal, when Anambra is waiting to vote in their elected officials and  the controversial removal of the Chairman of Anambra State Electoral Commission Prof Vitus Eze, without due process combine to confirm that the interim government of Anambra State under Mr Peter Peter Obi is paying lip service to the issue of local Government elections.

The sad oddity of the unfolding scenario is that Anambra State is under torture from a government whose intention they cannot judge and on who they cannot place their trust. Speak of the proverbial king that lies to his subjects. In fact APGA aspirants have privately shown more disappointment in the current state of affairs.

To an extent, this is not surprising considering that the sitting government does not enjoy the mandate of majority of the Anambra Citizenry. It is however shocking the government would be so brazen in playing on the intelligence of Ndi Anambra.

ACN will not leave any stone unturned in the renewed quest to return the state to true democracy and will explore or legal and legitimate means to wake up the APGA- inspired government of Anambra State to their responsibility to the people of the state particularly on the practice of democracy which has taken root in many states of Nigeria that Anambra ought to be ahead of.

We  invite the Governor Peter Obi to respect the wish of the people of Anambra State, disband the so-called caretaker governments at local government levels and emplace the conditions for the smooth conduct of elections, as Ndi Anambra have fallen out of patience on the ‘come today -come tomorrow’ approach to the elections.


Okelo Madukaife

Publicity Secretary,

ACN, Anambra State



  1. Why should mr obi keep on useing us anambrarian for nothing, i think he have something bad in mind for us. Every time he keep on posting us, i think mr obi is time to conduct lga election please at least for the seck of unemployment.


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