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Information available to indicates the true story behind the disappearance and death of General Idris Akali in Jos, Plateau State may have been more sinister than earlier thought. Available information suggests the death of the military General may have been related to his activities with the Jos communal clash between the Fulanis and the indigenes of Plateau State.

Speaking to a source who claims to be a security expert within the military, he revealed what he claims to be a public secret within the Berom community. The source claims that the youths within the Jos community had been monitoring the activities of the late General. They had held suspicions that the Military General was working in tandem with the Fulani militia who have been attacking the community in recent years.

The community had held suspicions of General Idris M. Akali having a close network with the Fulani attackers. They strongly believe he was facilitating resources and providing sensitive intelligence to the attackers.

Their suspicions was further strengthened by General Akali frequent visits to the area – and the unfettered access the Fulani attackers had into their communities and the ease with which they escape uncaught after each deadly attack on a whole community. They strongly believed Akali was providing military assistance to the Fulani attackers – which garnered them invincibility in the hands of the military. “They were always one step ahead of the Army”.

He adds, “The General was being monitored by his killers as a result of clandestine meetings he was having with Fulani men in Plateau”. The initial narrative indicating that General Akali was killed because he was a Muslim is false.

“Missing General May Have Been Working With The Fulani Militia”

“He was not killed at random as the earlier story insinuated”.

The initial story claimed that on September 2, 2018, at about 8:00pm, Fulani militia attacked a shopping complex located at Lafande Community on the outskirt of Jos metropolis in Dura-Du District of Jos South Local Government Area of Plateau State killing 11 people – triggering protests the following morning. Youths barricaded some roads that the unknown General who was travelling along the Jos road in his Toyota Corolla car was stopped, attacked and killed.

Our source points to the story as false. The youths of the community had known the identity of the General. His cover had been blown.

According to the source, the retired General who is entitled to at least 3 security aides decided against traveling with them to Bauchi. The “General almost never comes with his aides whenever he visits Plateau State”.  The General was a frequent visitor to the area. He comes into Plateau as an ordinary citizen. is not certain of the finer details to the death of the Army General who served Nigeria for 35years and retired about three months to his death. But it is understood that he Nigerian Army has launched a broad investigation into the mysterious death. The Nigerian Police Force has arraigned 13 suspects for the supposed murder.  Some of the suspect included nursing mothers, community leaders and youths.