Pro-Oyegun Group, Others Behind APC Crisis, Says Emokpaire

Pro-Oyegun Group, Others Behind APC Crisis, Says Emokpaire

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…Expresses support for Oshiomhole


A chieftain of the ruling All (APC) Chief Ibrahim Emokpaire has said that some leaders of the party who campaign for tenure elongation for the former National Chairman of the party, John Oyegun, were responsible for the current crisis rocking the party across the country.


Emokpaire, however, called on all and sundry to support the current leadership of Comrade Adams Oshiomhole to ensure victory for the party in 2019 general elections.


In a statement Chief Emokpaire made available to newsmen on Monday iin Abuja, stated that Comrade Oshiomhole deserves the support of all the APC members at the time the party supposed to be strategizing for ensure a landslide victory in 2019.


Chief Emokpaire, who was an APC chairmanship aspirant but later stepped down for the current National Chairman said: “We can see the handwork of the agent of tenure elongation at play, the same advocates of tenure elongation are mostly behind the removal of the party National Chairman.


“The election primary crisis were created by these same tenure elongation agents where election congresses were duplicated across the 36 states. These same advocates of tenure elongation has metamorphosed into election primary crisis in our great party today.


“We should not heap the blame on Comrade Oshiomhole, he has given our great party, the APC a strong and unwavering leadership; upholding internal democracy since assumption on duty as the National Party Chairman.”


The Edo state born politician advised that party members should not allow those been sponsored by the opposition party to whittle down the authority and strong leadership direction of the party Chairman.


“Our party, the APC has achieved enormous feat since we came into government. The President Muhammadu Buhari Administration has demonstrated to Nigerians that good governance is possible. This can only be achieved through prudent management of all available resources as against the looting of our common patrimonies.


“The party Chairman on assumption of duty was preoccupied with illegal gale of some defecting members of the party who planned to to wrestle the presidency from President Muhammad Buhari, and not to allow him seek a second term.


“This would have been possible if the tenure elongation advocates were left to saddle party leadership.


“Going forward, I will appeal to those demanding for the removal of Comrade Oshiomhole’s removal to sheath their sword and allow peace to reign within the party, they should not play into the hands of our opposition who are regrouping to take over power and completely ruin our Nation of what is left” , said Chief Emokpaire.


Chief Emokpaire concluded that “Today, they may not have their way but, tomorrow may be their day”


He also made an appeal to Comrade Oshiomhole to immediately put in place “a strong and powerful reconciliation committee to reconcile all aggrieved members and bring them together in preparation for the forth coming general elections.”


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