Wizkid and his net worth 2018

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Wizkid and his net worth 2018

Wizkid and his net worth 2018

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Public always have heightened interest in the luxurious lifestyle of their favorite stars. Topics concerning homes, cars, planes, and other attributes of a posh lifestyle of celebrities are the most popular requests on the Internet now. Wizkid is one of the brightest stars in Nigeria and one of the richest as well. If you wonder how wealthy this famous Nigerian musician, is you can check out Wizkid net worth in the post below

He was born as Ayodeji Ibrahim Balogun but became famous as Wizkid. He is 27 years right now but is already extremely successful in Nigeria and beyond. Being an 11-year old boy, he already knew that music is something he wants to connect his life with. He has created a band with his several church friends. This was the very beginning of his path to great success. The Starboy became popular after the signing of the contract with Banky W. His first music tour took place in 2012. Since then Wizkid has managed to organize several world tours and gathered millions of grateful listeners.

Now Wizkid is a household name in Nigeria, the public loves him, and of course, he is extremely rich. His popularity is growing, and his wealth is growing as well. Do you want to know how many millions Wizkid has managed to accumulate on his accounts for his musical career and what sources of his wealth are?

Wizkid net worth – How rich the star is?

Wizkid is very talented, ambitious and hardworking so there is no surprise that he is one of the richest Nigerian musicians and earn yearly more than many businessmen in the country. According to different sources, Wizkid’s net worth is estimated to be about $12-14 million. The financial magazine Forbes has marked Wizkid in their ranking of top 10 richest musicians in Nigeria. Starboy occupies the seventh position in the ranking, a bit ahead of another popular Nigerian star Davido. He is cool, isn’t he?

Sources of income

Wizkid is not only a talented musician who sells his music successfully but also a much-in-demand ambassador in Nigeria. The star signed a deal with Pepsi in 2012 worth of $350,000. He worked as MTN ambassador in 2013. The same year the contract with Guinness was signed. The year 2015 was marked by the signing of two very profitable contracts with MTN and Glo.

Of course, the main profit of the star comes from his record label Starboy Entertainment. Wizkid established it in 2013. Once he was a young musician who needed support, now he is a mentor who opens doors into the music industry for young talents who only starts their artistic journey. He also collaborates with other famous stars of Nigerian music industry, and popular producers and this also influences the net worth of Wizkid positively.

Many draw a parallel between Wizkid and Justin Bieber. Both are young, handsome, extremely successful, and rich. Wizkid is a highly paid Nigerian musician who gets from two to four million of Nigerian Naira for each performance.

Wizkid house and cars

Starboy is a millionaire so he can afford all attributes of wealthy life: mansions, cars, and designer things. Wizkid is reported to be an owner of a luxurious mansion in one of the most prestigious areas of Lagos State. It is believed that the musician has spent N13 million for this mansion. Also, according to some rumors, Starboy is a proud owner of a pricey mansion in the USA. Allegedly, the house is located in Los Angeles.

It would be a miss not to mention the luxurious car collection of Wizkid. Many sources claim that expensive cars of such models as Mercedes, Hyundai, BMW, Bentley have found their place in Wizkid’s garage.

The story of Nigerian Justin Bieber is inspirational. When you have talent, insistence, and follow your dream you can reach the stars and become extremely rich. Wizkid’s great efforts made him who he is now and helped him to become one the richest musicians in Nigeria.



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