Musa Azare

Musa Azare

Following the not-so-legal arrest on Saturday early evening of a controversial blogger and social commenter of Bauchi and national affairs, Musa Azare by the Bauchi police acting under the instruction of the embattled State governor of Bauchi State, Barrister Abubakar, the outcry over the arrest forced he hand of the Bauchi State government to pull as fast retreat.

DSS Arrests Journalist In Bayesla: Has The DSS Become Buhari's Private Police?

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Musa was arrested by Bauchi State police at his Abuja residence.

The police released him today.

Below is his commentary following his release –

Assalam brothers and sisters! This is to inform you that I have been released on bail, based on self recognition. We give glory to God Almighty, Master of the Day of Judgement.

Words cannot express my appreciation to friends, family and thousands of supporters and admirers who took the campaign for my release to a level I never expected. I’m now safely reunited with my family.

Thank you very much!
Allah Yabar zumunci. Ameen