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Anyim Vera, a Young Police Officer’s Journey and Pastor Eneche’s Misguided Judgment: Where was the Holy Spirit?



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Recently, a young police officer named Anyim Vera stood in front of Dumanis Church’s congregation to share her inspiring story of graduating as a law graduate despite challenges. But instead of finding support and understanding from her pastor, Paul Eneche, Vera found herself publicly humiliated.

Eneche claimed that Vera was not “fluent enough” to be a law graduate, despite having no knowledge of her education or circumstances.

This incident raises questions not only about Eneche’s judgment but also about the role of the Holy Spirit in his ministry.

If Eneche truly had a connection with the divine, would he had displayed such callousness towards a member of his own congregation?

It is clear that Eneche, and others like him, have forgotten the true meaning of their calling. Instead of being messengers of love and compassion, they have become “Bible entrepreneurs,” more interested in personal gain than in guiding their flock.

Sadly, incidents like this are not uncommon in today’s world, where religion has become a tool for manipulation and exploitation rather than a source of comfort and guidance.

Vera’s story serves as a reminder that true faith cannot be measured in fluency or outward appearance, but in the strength of one’s heart and the truth of their convictions.

Let us hope that Vera’s courage and resilience, as the crowd of brainwashed followers in the business center known as Church jeered at her, serve as an example to others facing similar challenges, and let us hope that Eneche and others like him remember the true purpose of their calling: to guide and protect, not judge and shame.

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Indeed, the incident with Anyim Vera is indicative of a larger problem within the religious sphere: emotional and hasty decision-making. This phenomenon has far-reaching implications that can even affect the political landscape.

In the 2019 and 2023 general elections, for instance, pastors like Paul Eneche threw their support behind specific candidates without consulting with the Holy Spirit. Their actions were driven by personal biases and political agendas, not divine guidance.

The result was a sharp divide within the nation, pitting Christians against Muslims, regions and against regions and leading to a near-crisis situation.

This is the danger of allowing personal biases to dictate religious leadership.

When pastors use their positions of influence to sway their congregations towards political ends, they are not only betraying their faith but also undermining the democratic process.

Religion should be a source of unity, not division. Pastors should seek to guide their flocks towards truth, compassion, and understanding, not use them as pawns in a political game.

This incident serves as a sobering reminder that we must be vigilant against those who would use religion for personal gain.

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The case of Vera has laid bare the truth about Pastor Paul Eneche: his words are not guided by the Holy Spirit, but by his own hubris and ambition. He has been exposed as a false prophet, a man who wields his power not for the good of his followers, but for his own self-interest.

And if further proof were needed, one need only look to the failed candidates he supported in the past elections. His so-called “prophecies” and “prayers” failed to bear fruit, revealing his words for the empty rhetoric they truly are.

The story of Anyim Vera is a cautionary tale, reminding us to be wary of those who claim to speak for God, but whose actions speak louder than their words.

In the end, Eneche has done more than just embarrass a young police officer; he has embarrassed himself, exposing the hollowness of his faith and the emptiness of his ministry.

The true holy spirit resides not in the ostentatious megachurches of men like Eneche, but in the quiet courage of those like Vera, who choose to speak the truth with calmness in the face adversity and embarrassment.

~ Chijioke Paul Okeifufe, writing Abuja Nigeria

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