RE – Samuel Anyanwu Treacherous, Playing the Ostrich, Petty, Lacks Capacity for his Office – By Barr Gerry Egbuhuzor

Senator Samuel Anyanwu

– Ihedioha’s Greed, Selfishness , Vindictive Politics, Corruption Have Crippled PDP In Imo

– Chinemerem Madu: Only The Guilty Conscience Is Afraid of Accountability

– Ihedioha Should Tell Imo PDP Candidates, Members What Happened to the N1.4b Election Intervention Funds

Few hours after the National Secretary of PDP raised an alarm over the role of some saboteurs during the Presidential and National Assembly elections, an alleged serial rapist who allegedly molested an underaged Nanny living in his house, one Chinemerem Madu who has been in police custody for that offence had accused Senator Anyanwu of treachery.

In a sane society, people like Chinemerem Madu has no moral right to explain issues relating to corruption and social sanity. If he is morally sound, I don’t think, he would have ever contemplated raping or impregnating his house maid?

On the other hand, Senator Anyanwu’s statement did not mention any name of the saboteurs yet, but how Chinemerem Madu, a Chief Protocol Officer to Ihedioha dabbled into the matter and started explaining the periphery of the massive sabotage and betrayals is an indication that they are guilty of the allegations.

Good enough, Mr Madu Chinemerem did not deny the fact raised by Senator Anyanwu that some notable party leaders worked against PDP in Imo state after collecting and diverting to personal use the election intervention funds during the February 25th elections.

One had expected Ihedioha, Chinemerem and their allies to explain vividly how much was allocated to each LGA Chairman, the name of the LGA Chairmen they gave any dime, how the funds released to party candidates was shared and who and who received instead of dragging the reading public to a long voyage of irrelevance.

Ihedioha and Chinemerem did not tell the public how the N5, 000 approved for each Booth canvassers in the over 2, 000 polling booths was shared, whether each of them got the approved N5, 000 contained in the template as against N2, 000?.

Ihedioha and Chinemerem also forgot to tell PDP booth agents if what was approved and released to them got to them either before, during or after the February 25th election.

Ihedioha and Chinemerem refused also to tell the people why they removed N135 million, N400 million, and another N267 million respectively from the money released, what was the diverted funds meant for? Why did they claim that they were saving the huge sum for the House of Assembly candidates of the party who were not captured in the template. They should explain who is in custody of the money.

If the election intervention funds were properly and evenly disbursed as they claimed, why then would the PDP LGA Chairmen write petition against the outcome of the sharing of the funds?

If the election intervention funds approved and released to booth canvassers as captured in the template, why then did they abandon their various polling booths in anger over the treatment meted at them?

If Ihedioha and his Aide, Chinemerem Madu are claiming to have disbursed the funds accordingly, why did some House of Representatives and Senatorial candidates of PDP leave his private house at Civic Center, Owerri in anger, at the eve of the election while calling him a fraudster?

It will be wrong to continue to expose the wrong doings of Ihedioha and how he compromised with enemies of PDP to rig the party out in the last election. Evidence of this is the abysmal record of 104 votes for PDP in the entire Aboh Mbaise LGA, where Ihedioha hails from.

It is laughable and smacks of sheer ignorance for Ihedioha and Chinemerem to claim to have secured the following votes in Mbutu Pooling booth:


Town School, Mbutu


PDP: 191

LP: 1

APC: 1


PDP: 189

LP: 2

APC: 1


PDP: 190

LP: 1

APC: 0



PDP: 1,489

APC: 156

LP: 464


PDP: 1,799

APC: 329

LP: 469


PDP: 1,311

APC: 431

LP: 635

The above shows Ihedioha’s obvious trickery and diversionary tendencies. If Ihedioha had gathered the above cosmetic votes in his Mbutu Polling booth, why then did Ithe Independent National Electoral Commission (INEC) on national televisions (Channels, Arise, AIT, NTA, TVC, Silverbird) etc conspicuously show that the entire Aboh Mbaise LGA recorded only 104 votes for PDP as regards the Presidential election result?

If Ihedioha had recorded 104 votes in the the entire Aboh Mbaise LGA with the huge sum of election intervention funds he diverted, what then happened to the party’s candidates and members who faced severe and keenly contested elections in their respective areas without much funds?

The reason why Ihedioha caused the abysmal loss of PDP in Imo state during the Presidential and National Assembly Polls is because the election intervention funds he collected was policed in his private house to scare authorized party leaders captured in the template from accessing the funds as if, it was his Governorship election funds.

Ihedioha never assisted party candidates financially during, before and after the election. He only demanded 15 million and 25 million respectively from House of Representatives and Senatorial candidates of PDP for no just cause in addition to the funds he diverted.

If Chinemerem is reasonably sound in his jaundiced argument, he would have asked Ihedioha how much fund he supported PDP candidates with during the election. Perhaps, he is not aware how much Senator Anyanwu assisted the party’s National Assembly candidates with to enable them confront the contest. It becomes worrisome why a NEC member of PDP who should be bothered about how the election intervention fund for Imo PDP was misappropriated which led to the poor results recorded by the party in the last election suddenly became Ihedioha’s spokesperson in his bid to justify the gross Misappropriation of election intervention fund for Imo, or is Chinemerem Madu an accomplice to the crime?

Is Ihedioha and Chinemerem aware that Senator Anyanwu recently donated over 50 million to PDP and its candidates to enable them win the last election even when he was never a candidate in the poll? If Ihedioha had contributed half of what Senator Anyanwu did for PDP in Imo State, the Party would not have lost woefully in Aboh Mbaise LGA as well as other strong holds in the state.

These are the questions Ihedioha and Chinemerem would have answered to clear the doubt instead of covering their fraudulent looting mechanisms!

Barr Gerry Egbuhuzor
PDP Member, Imo State



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