Atiku: A version of self–draconian and monumental political damage – By Isma’il Alkasim


The genesis of this year’s political movement has aroused a vital reaction in the country. It has been apparent that if not as a result of division line manifested and later consumed the People’s Democratic Party, the election might be a walk over barony for the party. It is obvious that PDP as the main opposition party has failed to discharges its role of holding the ruling party accountable.

Atiku Abubakar the candidate of the party contributed a lot towards the failure of his candidature. In the onset, the calculation of the party should be a southern candidate with a competent northerner as a running mate, but Atiku resort to disposed the wherewithal he holds to promote his self–centred candidature at the expense of the party and now he is counting on it. As someone whose intention of becoming a president, chasing to be a democratically elected, it requires a lot of strategies a minor failure shouldn’t be tolerated because it may outrightly downfall the candidature, instead of understanding the gravity of work ahead Atiku and his team ended up doing things helter–skelter, causing confusing within the party and created an internal brabble comprising a gang of adversaries. It can be seen in APC where the actors are irresistible to any cause of failure whatsoever, the new Naira redesign debacle is a case study whereas APC governors goes to a length and breadth to fight the policy because they wholeheartedly know how it will hunt their political relevance. When the presidential candidate of the APC pick a Muslim running mate, there’s a reaction in the party and they try hard to resolved it, though the party suffer as a result.

Vividly, Atiku Abubakar and his cohorts have suffered a mysterious affliction of strabismic defect to visioned the faulty and damage attached to Obi’s candidature on Atiku’s candidature and let him go his separate way. If there is a shortcut to Tinubu’s emergence it’s an Obi’s helping hand (his candidature), as the strongholds of PDP are South–south and Southeast which have been swept away by Obi with a wide margin, the activities of G-5 also have an implication on Atiku’s downfall.

In the North, we have the Kwankwaso factor which dégringolade Atiku’s ambition particularly in Kano state. Behold, Kwankwaso is one of the people victimized by Atiku Abubakar in PDP but he struck the right note moving forward to NNPP. Atiku might have not less than one million votes in Kano state if he doesn’t parting of the away with Kwankwaso.

Atiku stirred up the hornet’s net and the relevant political players in the PDP camp change horses in the midstream and it’s sore sight for Tinubu which is a version of self–draconian and monumental political damages

Isma’il Alkasim writes from Garki, Jigawa state.



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