Plan revealed to change three stars on Brazil’s World Cup shirt to HEARTS to honour stricken legend Pele


Brazil are planning to pay tribute to Pele by changing three of the five stars on their shirt to hearts.

The 82-year-old has been suffering with illness and was rushed to hospital recently due to swelling over his body.

Pele has been battling with bowel cancer and is said to no longer be responding to chemotherapy.

As a result, he was put on end-of-life care earlier this month.

But the legend has since provided a positive update on his health by admitting that he is “strong” and “full of energy”.

He said on Instagram: “My friends, I want to keep everyone calm and positive.”

“I’m strong, with a lot of hope and I follow my treatment as usual.

“I want to thank the entire medical and nursing team for all the care I have received.

“I have a lot of faith in God and every message of love I receive from you all over the world keeps me full of energy. And watch Brazil in the World Cup too!

“Thank you so much for everything. 🙏🏾.”



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