Nigeria Decides 2023: Igbo group endorses Obi for president


A leading Igbo socio-cultural and political association, Igboekulie, has endorsed the candidacy of Mr Peter Obi and his running mate, Dr. Datti Baba-Ahmed, for the 2023 presidential election.

A statement jointly signed by the group’s president and secretary, Benjamin C. Onuora and Ben Obidegwu, respectively, noted that Obi has the capacity to pilot the affairs of Nigeria in 2023 for the sake of progress and equity.

Igboekulie said an opportunity to have a man like Obi to provide the needed credible and strategic leadership comes to a nation once in a while.

Describing Obi as a man that ticks all the presidential boxes in Nigeria today, the group also noted that the Labour Party presidential candidate is well educated, disciplined, frugal, humble, exposed, understands banking and finance, abhors ostentatious lifestyle, experienced and has empathy to promote charity across Nigeria.

It said: “Never in the political history of Nigeria has a candidate joined a moribund political party and within a few months, turned it into a national movement for the emancipation of Nigerians from oppression, hunger, illiteracy, and hopelessness.

“While his main opponents are busy accusing each other of corruption in and out of public service, Obi’s only fault is that he did not steal Anambra State funds, but saved N75 billion for the succeeding administration.

“Yet, he built roads, schools, hospitals, provided security, paid all state employees and contractors and left no debt for his successor among other numerous achievements. Under him, Anambra State came first in West African Examination Council (WAEC) exams, Millennium Development Goals implementation and road infrastructure among others.

“Let us not miss this opportunity. Nigeria needs massive foreign and local investments to survive. These investments will not come unless the new president is honest and transparent in the eyes of Nigerians and foreign investors.

“Corruption cannot be reduced in Nigeria unless the President and his Vice have no corruption baggage. They must be demonstrably transparent and lead by example before that can happen.

“To banish poverty in Nigeria and infuse hope in the youths, we need a detribalised Nigerian to lead us. A new Nigeria is indeed possible with the lofty ideas espoused in the manifesto of the Labour Party and Peter Obi.”



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