Incessant ASUU strike; the way forward – By Isma’il Alkasim

The main reason for industrial action which necessitates the Academic Staff Union of the Universities to embark into this elongated strike is to found a solid ground were the government can implement their demands for the betterment of the system. The two parties have extensively discussed and reached out an agreement on this issue since 2009 but it is all talk and no action from the side of the federal government. I wonder why the government is agreeing on things that seems not implementable just to lower the temperature and pamper the Universities lecturers to go back to classes, this is quite unfortunate.
Although, the federal government is between the devil and deep blue sea on this issue because when it implemented the ASUU’s demand many labour unions within and outside the education sector will start the agitations as none of them had satisfied with the condition of their services in Nigeria. Therefore, it seems to be a reason the government is technically thwarting and manipulating the process so that it couldn’t be at the receiving end in this debacle.
Hither, it is the best time for the government to jump off the deep end and quit this matter but it lack political will to do so. Inarguably, the government is alarmed of the vicious fall-out, therefore the implementation of already signed Memorandum of Understanding or whatever renegotiation is difficult, but the government is strategic enough to manipulate the ASUU to go back to classes without their demands been implemented, in this sense, we can predict more strikes God forbid.
The best way to tackled this problem perpetually is to inforced Tuition Fees or to privatised the Universities. This decision may seems to be boring but it is the best solution to this unending industrial action which deprive the student’s future. Unequivocally,  there will be a set-back in the effort of students from the lower class to pay for tuition and other utilities, but the government should bring very salubrious and inclusive students loan scheme that will enable students to lend from the government’s treasury without knowing anybody. This decision is workable as it works in many countries including advance states. May Nigeria prosper.
Isma’il Alkasim
Writes from Garki, Jigawa State.


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