Igweship is for Service not a Do or Die Affair says Oba Regent


By Uzo Ugwunze

The Regent of Oba, Prince Noel Ezenwa (Ezeamaalu) has advised contestants of the revered EzeOkpoko II throne to see it as a call to service saying that it should not be a do or die affair.

Delivering his New year speech during the Oba Patriotic Union(OPU), annual general meeting at the Civic center,Oba in Idemili South, Anambra State the Regent commended the contestants for exhibiting maturity so far.

“Igweship is driven by service to the people. Look at your candidacy as an opportunity to offer service to Oba people.The contest for Igwe of Oba should not be seen as a personal do-or-die affair.

“I encourage you to look at choosing the right Igwe as a win for Oba and Ndi Oba. My prayer is that the man who will be crowned our Igwe is someone who has the interest of NdiOba at heart.

“One who will meet every expectations of the people by enhancing their wellbeing at the Community level and be an effective bridge-builder among us and the wider Communities around us.

“On behalf of Ndi Oba, we say thank you to the contestants for the EzeOkpoko II of Oba throne for offering your service to Oba people and for accommodating your differences so far in the process.

“I stress service because observers of Igweship are fascinated by the title, the beauty of the crown, and the splendor of the palace. In reality being an Igwe is not about any of these things,” said Prince Ezenwa.

Ezenwa regretted the delays incurred in the process of producing a new EzeOkpoko which would have been concluded by the end of 2021 attributing it to suspension of Igweship election by Anambra State Government, Covid-19 lockdown and death of former President General.

The Regent also acknowledged the difficulty faced by some villages in narrowing down their choices as a result of the caliber of contestants for the throne or because Oba had never re-elected a new Igwe since the demise of EzeOkpoko 1.

Also in his address, Prince Ezenwa frowned against the prevalence and use of illicit drugs by youths in Oba considering its effects on rise of crime rates and decline in the mental health of addicts.

“It is important we continue to educate our youths on the devastating effects of illicit drugs use beginning from our family units. Mind the company your youths keep.

“My prayers is that the company your children keep or the substances they ingest into their bodies do not disrupt their path to greatness,” said Ezenwa.

The Regent commended accomplishments of many youths from Oba in various areas of their endeavor within and outside Oba Community which include bringing home their investments and donating towards the Central palace project.

” Worthy of mention is that some of our sons and daughters have taken it upon themselves to fix the roads by grading, laying asphalt, creating road drainages to reduce the effects of erosion,” Ezenwa noted.



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