Enugu state decries deforestation, breakdown of hills


…says act environmental time bomb waiting

The Enugu State Government on Tuesday decried the breakdown of surrounding hills and deforestation of Miliken hill by land speculators.

The Commissioner for Information Mr Chidi Aroh who conducted journalists round some of the sites, described the indiscriminate breakdown of hills for the purpose of building houses as an environmental time bomb that are waiting to explode.

Aroh, who said that Government of Enugu state had never authorised anyone or group to breakdown and build houses on top of the surrounding hills that beautify the state capital, noted that the speculators took advantage of the Coronavirus pandemic that devastated the country last year to wreck the havoc.

He however, warned that government would not fold its hand and watch environmental disasters to happen as a result of these activities.

“I am sure you can look here and see that what we have happening here is complete deforestation of Miliken hill, the beautiful scenery that we have here. And of course you recall that part of why the Forest reserve in the Miliken hill is there is that it is a great check to erosion in the topology of the place; hills around and all that.

“You can see what we come to face; all this is gone people are cutting all the trees; people are cutting down the land and construction is on going here like nobody cares about tomorrow. The fact is, we must think about saving the future, if not we will pay dearly for it,” he warned.



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