Atiku Care Foundation Sets Agenda As Nigeria Attains 60


A humanitarian organisation, the Atiku Care Foundation on Wednesday tasked the Federal Government to place priority on securing life and property as the country attained it’s 60th independent anniversary in line with the constitutional provision.

A statement by the group’s Director-General, Amb. Aliyu Abbas, said that securing the life and property of Nigerians supersedes any other impact as the world would be empty when humanity is lost.

Abbas however, said it was ripe for the nation to open up for genuine economic diversification for inclusive participation by private and other stakeholders in playing significant roles towards creating jobs.

“The need for diversification of the economy is sacrosanct viz-a-viz the subject of job creation and eradication of unemployment. This must reflect by delisting some items on the exclusive list of government to give way to private sector participation as this will give rise to job creation and reduce the unemployment indices of our great nation,” he said.

The ACF leader also harped on the need to grant autonomy to states to control their resources which he believed would further open up the economy and reduce the expectation of Nigerians from the government at the center as it will create a healthy competition among states and open up the economy to foreign direct investments and more participation of the private sector.

“A greater emphasis on Agriculture and simpler models of obtaining facilities meant for agriculture will advance the course of agripreneurship and foster the participation of the rural dwellers who look at agriculture as a way of life.

“We are convinced that intensified infrastructural crusade in our education a sector and health will give the common man the opportunity to activate optimally their potentials as more than 60 percent of Nigerians are solely dependent on government owned facilities,”Abbas charged.

At 60, the Abbas lamented that Nigera had yet to have a firm policy on social security or social welfare of the citizens; noting that this has made citizens access to government provisions to relieve their economic burden almost impossible.

“Bearing in mind that poverty tops on the sustainable development goals, we call on government to draft a robust social security policy that will protect her citizens bearing in mind that a lot of Nigerians are living below the poverty line,” he charged.



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