Bauchi Ready To Conduct Free Fair Local Gov’t Election – Bibi Dogo


From Ahmed SAKA, Bauchi

A chieftain of the People’s Democratic Party PDP Alhaji Bibi Dogo has assured the people of Bauchi State that Governor Bala Mohammed is ready to conduct credible, free and fair local government elections in the state.

He said the local government council has suffered for over 12 years without elected council’s officials,if not of the resilience and commitment  of the Governor who shows the clear political will that he want to conduct the election.

Bibi Dogo re-echoed government’s readiness to deepen democracy at the grassroots with the conduct of a credible election across the state, in reactions  to series attacks and campaign of calumny against the governor by the opposition parties and Political opponents of the Governor who are afraid to contest the election with the PDP.

He stressed that Governor Bala was a product of de­mocracy, who believed that its Allah who gave leadership to whoever he wishes and he believe that in true democracy wishes of the majority is always respected.

Bibi Dogo said in PDP We are not scared of what the out­come of local government elections will be because we are convinced that our candidate for each local government area, are people of integrity,they are popular candidate we want to make sure that those contesting will have something to point on what our party has done and we always advised the candidates to continue to meet the people where they are and not just concentrating at the local government headquarters that are usually urban,”

He said everyone knows that the governor always says what he believes that he is a product of democ­racy and so others who should lead should also be products of democracy and emanate from the people, rather than imposing it on them.

‘’Even while campaigning for elections in 2019, Governor Bala touched base with all the wards in the state and even after he won the elections he did his best to ensure that all the wards in the state received dividends of democracy”.

Bibi Dogo said the campaign of calumny launched against the governor through social media will not work because the PDP led Government by Governor Bala always executes viable projects that has direct impact on the common man ,

“projects executed included award of roads constructions across the three senatorial districts, expansion of urban roads in the major cities of Bauchi, Azare and Misau, provision of portable water, construction and rehabilitation of over 1000 blocks of class rooms across the 20 local government areas of the state, even contracts was awarded to women and youths across all the wards in the state to empower them to become self reliant, he also pays salaries as and when due unlike the immediate past administrations where people die during verification exercise and assured that PDP government  will sanitize our state salary payroll”

He said the philosophy of Governor Bala believes that democracy should be to galvanize all the energies that they have as a people for development and if that is the case, then it means that every hand is needed to be on deck, and to get every hand to be on deck, you need to let the people participate. Ours is not just democracy but participatory democracy ” .



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