Breaking News: Fulani Militia Burns 6 Villages In Kaduna Overnight, Scores Dead

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Information reaching indicates that the Adara community in Kajuru Local Government Area [LGA] has suffered another gruesome attack by the Fulani militia.

The attack began at minutes to 2am. The Fulani militia armed with AK47 and other automatic weapons simultaneously launched the attack on six Adara villages – killing countless numbers of children and women. This is according to the leadership of Adara people.

In the process, some of the Adara villages were completely hazed down by the militias. The exact number of dead were not immediately available owing to the remoteness of the area. It is located Kala – the biggest settlement in the area. It shares a boundary with Kauru LGA.

The attached area is a farming community.

The Adara community has become a repeat victim of the Fulani attacks. In February 2019, an estimated 280 Adara people lost their lives to Fulani militia. This was following Governor El Rufai statement that about 130 Fulanis were killed by Adara people. He made the statement to President Buhari publicly at the Presidential villa. The resulting attacks rendered 15,000 Adara people homeless. spoke to a source who witnessed the attack. The source indicated that he did not see any casualties. He explained that the evening before the attack that the community witnessed helicopters that were hovering around the Adara villages – “going and coming“. The community grew suspicious of the helicopter. “Before each attack, there is always a helicopter that will hover around“.

The community members as a result ran to the neighboring in Doka. “All of them ran to Doka“. When the Fulani militia came, they saw nothing.

The source added that the attack was coming from Laduga, a Fulani settlement area. Previous a cache of weapons were discovered by the military at Laduga.

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