Imo Diaspora Coalition: “Call on US Senate & House Committees on Africa to Pressure the Nigerian Supreme Court to Reverse Judgement”



–         “Operation Do the Math” (ODM):

–        for Justice and Democracy Calls on all Imo State Nigeria Citizens and all Defenders of Democracy to call on Members of the United States Senate and House Subcommittees on Africa to Pressure the Nigerian Supreme Court to Reverse the January 14, 2020 Shameful Imo Supreme Court Judgement

–        Or Face the International Magnitsky Accountability Act

New York, NY. February 14, 2020 – Imo Diaspora Coalition for Justice and Democracy (IDCJD) today announced an international Call campaign to the United States Senate and House Subcommittees on Africa leadership and members regarding the ridiculous January 14, 2020 unanimous Supreme Court of Nigeria judgement that is causing a ripple of protests around the world.

IDCJD made this move to cause these Africa focused legislative bodies to officially weigh in on the ongoing effort to recover the integrity of the Supreme Court of Nigeria, following the corruption-tainted judgement in question.

It should be recalled that the Supreme Court – sacked former Governor of Imo State of Nigeria, Hon. Emeka Ihedioha had formally, filled a motion at the Supreme Court of Nigeria, praying the Courts to review & reverse the ridiculous Imo State Governorship Elections judgement of January 14, 2020, where the court corruptly declared Mr. Hope Uzodinma of All Progressive Congress (APC) the winner, based on the addition of uncertified votes.

IDCJD is a premier international public policy advocacy organization of Imo Citizens, southeast Nigeria in the United States and around the world.

IDCJD calls on all defenders of Democracy to call on the following US Senate and House Subcommittees on Africa to intimate them of the crisis in Nigerian judiciary capable of precipitating anarchy, to enable them weigh in officially.

Please call:

US Senate Subcommittee

1.     Senator Lindsey Graham – 202-224-5972, Chair. (R – SC)

2.     Senate Bob Menendez     – 202-2244744, Ranking member (D, NJ.)

3.     Senator Chris Coons        – 302-322-1240 (D – DE)

US House Subcommittee

4.     Rep. Karen Bass – Chair -202 225 7084 (D Call)

5.     Rep. Christopher Smith – Ranking member -202 225 3765, (NJ-R)

It shifted the onus of proof of authenticating or validating of forged evidentiary materials or documents not on a responsible statutory agency, in this case, INEC, but on the respondents, while giving benefit of the doubt to the presenter of the forged document.

This flawed judgement could also collapse investors’ confidence, crater Foreign Direct Investments (FDI), Diaspora remittances and consequently skyrocketing joblessness, crimes and insecurity.

We are calling on Imo citizens worldwide, all people of good conscience, and the general public to call on the listed United States Senators and Congressman/woman to call the attention of the Nigerian Supreme Court to resotore Ihedioha’s mandate immediately.

Otherwise, we shall invoke the United States Interational Magnitsy Accountability Act on all  individuals and organizations found to be complicit.

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For Media Contact:

Prof. Eddie Oparaoji  or Chijike K Ndukwu

Imo Diaspora Coalition for Justice and Democracy

c/o MPR, Inc

447 Broadway, 2nd Floor #380 New York, NY 10013

e-mail –

Tel- 631-358-5041



  1. APC, think that they have prower do what ever that pleasure them, nobody will question, but not knowing the international community is getting information what is going in Nigeria.The 388 Unit boot was set up by APC, all the Vetos that came from the unit want to Mr. Hope Uzodinma, non want PDP, AA, APGA, PPA, I Learnt the Supreme judge Court was paid N400,000,000.00, other judges was N30,000,000.00 each, please we international community to put pressure in other for supreme to revise the judgement.


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