Re: Nnamdi Nwangwu Diatribe On APGA – By Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

As published by Mr. Raymond Ozoji; certain individual Mr. Nnamdi Nwangwu, supposed to be the Publicity Secretary of PDP in Anambra State, slept and woke up and decided to push his luck. He did not find the mushroom political parties that are on the ground like their ever confused party, he decided to stretch his hands to the top, to scratch the Political Master, the Tested and Trusted Political Party of Ndi Anambra, APGA.

Mr. Nwangwu saw an opportunity when he heard from a man that was previously in charge of the affairs of their confused and crises ridden political party, the PDP.

Let me state clearly that I am not here to represent Hon. Barr. Ifeatu Obi Okoye. He is overly qualified and equipped to deal with little issue of this nature. One point that I want to make clear is that it is not easy for a man that has ascended up to the position of the Chairman of a party to abdicate just like that. It is an indication that it is not just fire on the mountain but the problems of the party must be in legions, no possible solution in sight.

Very wise decision I believe, today, Barr. Ifeatu Obi Okoye is the Special Adviser to our working Governor on Political Matters, his abundant and informed knowledge on the political workings of PDP is of great concern for Mr. Nwangwu. The best approach he thinks is to start an attack on the man sooner, to dislodge him or to panic him into releasing the very destructive arsenals that have kept PDP down in Anambra State till tomorrow.

When a man that calls himself the Publicity Secretary of an opposition Political Party in Anambra State is referring to the performance of the Ever Hard Working and probably the best Governor in Nigeria as “below the bar”, it is a clear indication that he is just a political wonderer with no sense of details, a biased and desperate person speaking for a known confused party. This approach is a wrong way to seek reinvention of your ever crises ridden party.

Prior to APGA coming into power in Anambra State, PDP was in charge; Ndi Anambra still remember how we fared. The insecurity, brigandage and burning of properties perpetrated on us by the PDP bunch are still fresh in our minds, we have not forgotten. The non payment of salary arrears for very long time and the resultant crumbling of the local economy of our State. We are no more prepared to take such risks again, we are Ndi Anambra.

If Mr. Nwangwu feels unconcerned with the advise that Barr. Obi Okoye is giving to the Peoples Governor, why this diatribe on a man he feels is not good enough. Since Barr. Ifeatu Obi Okoye left PDP, the wahala of your party is only starting, we are waiting, the injunctions are gradually beginning to creep in. Mr. Nnamdi Nwangwu should be man enough to admit that PDP is haunted, they therefore need a political exorcist, someone that will wipe them into the present day political realities in Anambra, APGA.

The realities are that Ndi Anambra have decided that they shall remain in APGA because we have found our political destiny. Since APGA took over, no one has burnt any property in the State. We all go to bed with our two eyes closed, civil servants and  pensioners all receive their wages and entitlements as at when due. There is absolute security of lives and properties, the investment opportunities in Anambra State today have grown tremendously due to the opportunities available in our State.

I hope Mr. Nwangwu celebrated a hassle free and electrified Christmas, thanks to Akpokuodike Anambra, thanks to APGA. Can Mr. Nwangwu please remind me of one achievement of PDP in our State.

Mr. Nwangwu claims that they have rid their party of internal factions, the only thing good in PDP today is your Chairman, can a good man rule a disorganised bunch? I am not in the mood of saying it as it is for now, we shall meet and talk at the right time, Willie is still working.

Politics today is no more about rhetoric, it is about result and delivery, it is on record that His Excellency, Chief Dr. Willie Obiano has transformed the political destiny of Anambra State for the best. If Mr. Nwangwu will really take politics aside and tell himself the truth, the raw truth as it concerns our State, he knows that Chief Dr. Willie Obiano has taken Anambra State to an enviable height.

Anambra State as it is today is blessed with a Governor that understands clearly what development is all about, a man that has tasted the bests in the world and knows exactly what we need in an environment like ours at this moment. Infrastructures are not failing, wear and tear and heavy rainfall may have affected some of our roads, we are rebuilding them and making them stronger, organs of governance are being set up and fortified with the qualified individuals to interpret the position of the government at all times.

Mr. Nwangwu needs be reminded that MOUs do not make government and do not mean much. What means much for Governor Willie Obiano is the partnership that delivers. With the level of belief and determination that we have under APGA and being led by a very committed Governor, we shall keep exploring better opportunities for Ndi Anambra, that is what governance is all about, that is what Chief Dr. Willie Obiano advocates and that is what APGA is delivering to Ndi Anambra.

APGA is here, we are not going anywhere soon, it is not just my position, it is the position of my people, Ndi Anambra.

As I wait expectantly for Mr. Nnamdi Nwangwu to see the light as his former boss did, I will be glad to welcome him into the productive group APGA; where his value potentials shall be put to use.

I am here, no panic.

Hon. Chinedu Nkwonta

State Publicity Secretary, APGA     


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