Imo: Emeka Ihedioha Another Rochas Okorocha In The Making – By Ikenna Onuoha

In Igbo proverb, it is said that “a deaf fly follows the corpse to the grave”. This could be the reason why things are turning upside down in the society today. To the chagrin of every Dick and Harry, it does appear that the crop of politicians in Imo state are bunch of selfish and egoist marauders.
They appear humble, easy going, accessible and down to earth during electioneering campaigns. Once they are voted into any position of authority, their true colours and real characters metamorphose.
Nevertheless, any society that parades stiff-headed, unbendable or ” Mr no all” as leaders, vendetta, witch-hunt and backbiting are the order of the day. Such society does not only thrive on anguish and mess, but sorrow, pity, sorry and underdevelopment are its daily meal.
Imo state is quite unlucky in the programme of leadership, most of the self made deceits who claim to love the state in tongue and in flesh are “white sepulchers”. They do not have the clout to lead their families let alone the entire state.
The good people of the state had expected their new Governor, Emeka Ihedioha to hit the ground running and govern the state differently order than how the past administrations kept her, but lo and behold, the Aboh Mbaise born former Deputy Speaker, House of Representatives has allowed the spirit of “Rochanomics” to becloud his rebuild sense of “Ihediohaism”.
The Governor of Imo state, Rt. Hon. Emeka Ihedioha, as the sole beneficiary of a combined efforts of Imo people kick started his governance on a bad note…how? One wonders why he has allowed himself to be possessed, hoodwinked and polluted with empty influences, advises and inducement of myopic and fruitless leaders in the state.
As a conscious and curious writer as well as a Concerned Imolite, I have paid much attention to discover within the few months he assumed office that Governor Ihedioha has started doing the same things the immediate past Governor, Rochas Okorocha did that nailed him.
Recall that in my last article titled, ” Rochas Okorocha’s Biggest Blunder Emeka Ihedioha Should Avoid”, appeal was made and solutions proffered as to how he could ignore pressures from enemies of the state to victimize poor Imolites if he really wants to succeed.
But regrettably, the new Governor is applying the same system and method adopted by Governor Rochas Okorocha’s led government. Take it or live it, Chief Okorocha may appear a hero if Ihedioha continues to go this way.
No doubt, some of Governor Ihedioha’s boys or men who pretend to love him will find it difficult to advice him on this line of discourse. However, I expect them to secretly thank me for giving their boss good advice that will not destroy his government, but aimed at reshaping the programmes of his administration.
But it will be very retrogressive, irrelevant and an act of insensitivity to see his Aides begin to insult or attack me on social media instead of reading in between lines to digest the motive behind the article, maybe, to please their pay master, we understand!
Obviously, the biggest mistake Governor Ihedioha will live to regret in his political life is the alleged suspension or sack of duly employed Imo workers, as well as using ENTRACO to create tension and public nuisance in the state.
Even though I am not against all his policies, every sensible Nigerian will concur with me that some of his programmes are anti-people, and if not checkmated and withdrawn, is capable of brewing uncontrollable crisis in the state that may rubbish his legacies.
Governor Ihedioha, before sacking Civil servants as witnessed during the administration of his predecessor, should have recalled the major role the helpless workers played that ushered him in as Governor. He should understand that when two elephants fight, the grasses suffer most. Could he continue to victimize the past government at the detriment of innocent Imolites?
I am not a civil servant, I do not have a close relative working as civil servant, but as a social crusader, my interest is for Imo people to be happy. He should have considered the plight of these workers, how their relatives who depend on their monthly salaries feel and feed if they are the breadwinners.
I am very much afraid that looking at the way the present government of Hon Ihedioha is moving, he may end up making the immediate past administration of Chief Rochas Okorocha a saint.
I am aware that Governor Ihedioha has good Advisers like my Senior Colleague, Steve Osuji or Mayor Eze among others who have what it takes to caution their boss, but my apprehension may be whether OUR NEW GOVERNOR does not accept advise as experienced in the past government.
It may not be out of place to submit that Governor Ihedioha is anti-advice receptor, but when the chips are down, the popularity of his government would begin to whittle down.
Badly enough, as a man who was out for deceit, sorrowfully intelligent and tricky, the former Governor Okorocha carried out most of his widely condemned policies during his second tenure, but am afraid that since Governor Ihedioha is in a hurry to be vindictive against Imo workers barely two months of his first term, his future political destination may be cloudy unless he retraces his steps.
Governor Ihedioha should understand that Imo people voted him for a reason. Infact, the period of his selection as the state’s helmsman was indeed remarkable and historic.
But it appears he has no itemized blue print to govern the state, a situation where a den of bandits, a notable jungle for armed robbers, a demolished Ekenunwa market is brought back to the astonishment of well meaning Imolites is indeed condemnable.
Governor Ihedioha should have seen the need to consolidate on the risk taken by his predecessor that necessitated the removal of the market as an escape route to let a sleeping dog lie.
Encouraging traders to remain in the said demolished market where there was an existing gigantic one at Egbeada community perhaps to ridicule his predecessor and pitch the traders against the former Governor cannot make him the Messiah in the state.
He should bear in mind that out of the 1460 days into his first four years has started counting for him through our stopwatch, and there is no option of excuse for him not to perform. Painfully, we are yet to see any project so far carried out by his government since two months he assumed office.
Ikenna ONUOHA is a Media and Public Relations Consultant. He is the State Publicity Secretary, Imo Concerned Citizens (ICC).


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