Governor Abdullahi Umar Ganduje of Kano state has promised to sign the popular Bill requesting for the creation of other four First Class Emirate Councils in Kano, into law, with dispatch,  transmitted to the Kano House of Assembly by some private individuals.

He disclosed this at a media briefing prior to the commencement of the 136 State Executive Council meeting, at the Council Chamber, Government House, Kano, Wednesday.

He said “We heard about a Bill sent to the State House of Assembly, requesting them to make a Law for the creation of four more Emirs in Kano. We believe those that did this, did it with good intention. And they want the development of the state.”

As the Bill is with the Assembly, as at the time of writing this release, governor assured that, he hopes the legislative arm would work on it and forward to him for his assent, “…of which I am ready to sign into Law without any waste of time,” he reveals.

He takes that position purposely because, according to him, “That is the popular wish of our people. The people of Kano state. This will also go a long way in hastening growth and development for the state.”

The idea, Ganduje further disclosed,  had been in the state, amongst citizens, for many years back. The effort didn’t get through those years, “…but now we are happy to see that the idea would come into fruition,” he appreciated.

With the creation of more Emirates, Ganduje argued, all sectors of the society would improved. “It will also lead to more concentration on our health, education and other equally important sectors of the society. That is why I said there will be no waste of time in signing the Bill into Law,” he challenges