Buhari: Stop The Killing And Persecution Of Shiites In Nigeria – By Leo Igwe


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It is time to call the Nigerian President, Muhammadu Buhari, to order over the mindless slaughter and persecution of the members of the Shi’a Islamic organization in the country. It is time to get Buhari to end the slaughtering of innocent citizens. The Nigerian president must end this state-orchestrated bloodshed that has led to massive loss of lives and the forced disappearance of many Shiites in the country. Since Buhari became the president in 2015, he has not hidden his hateful and hostile disposition towards this minority religious organization. His government has treated Shi’a Muslims as criminals and as undeserving of human rights protection.

There have been violent clampdowns on their peaceful protests and assemblies in Kaduna and Abuja. Their right to worship freely has been flagrantly violated. The security agencies have attacked and murdered with impunity the members of the Shi’a group in the country.  The Shi’a Muslim cleric and foremost leader, Ibrahim El Zalzaky has been in detention for some years. The Nigerian authorities have refused to release him despite several court orders. Nigerians of all faiths and none deserve equal protection under the law. Members of the Shi’a community should not be attacked and butchered on the streets by the security forces. Any Shi’a Muslims who committed a crime should be charged and prosecuted in a court of law. They should not be shot and killed on the streets. The right of Shi’a Muslims to practice their faith, and to peacefully protest and assemble should be respected.

Shi’a Muslims are citizens of Nigeria and should be treated with dignity and respect.

Enough of the bloodshed! Enough of the extrajudicial killings!! Enough of the attacks!!!

Buhari must stop the ongoing state persecution of Shiites now!



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