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October 13, 2018

Press Statement

PDP Berates Akpabio Over Plots to Cause Violence In Akwa-Ibom State

The Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) berates former governor of Akwa-Ibom,
Senator Godswill Akpabio over his alleged plots with the All
Progressives Congress (APC)governorship Candidate, Obong Nsima Ekere, (
yet to resign NDDC Managing Director), to trigger violent crisis in
Akwa-Ibom state, as a strategy to stalemate elections in the state.

The party described such plots as wicked, infantile and cowardly, saying
it is unfortunate that Senator Akpabio, who knows that there is no way
the APC can win in any election in Akwa-Ibom, is now allowing himself to
be used by the APC as an agent of violence, against the state he once

The PDP notes that Senator Akpabio is hugely frustrated over his
inability to penetrate the political structure of the state, which has
rejected him since he crossed over to the APC, but expressed shock that
he could lean towards violence against his own people, just to satisfy
his paymasters in Abuja, as well as his selfish and egoistic tendencies.

The PDP is also already aware of how Senator Akpabio and the APC
mobilized a pack of hack writers to engage in grave propaganda,
fabricate and circulate strings of spurious allegations and personal
attacks on Governor Udom Emmanuel, just to tarnish his image and make
him look immoral and ineffective.

The party said it is similarly privy to the pact between Senator Akpabio
and the APC leaders, including the APC governorship candidate, Nsima
Ekere, to orchestrate strings of security issues, cause tension in the
state and set the stage of violence ahead of the elections.

This is in addition to the plot by the APC to use all opportunity to
cause havoc and blame the PDP so as to create an impression of a
crisis-soaked state.

Recently, a former aide of the governor, one Mr. Mfon Udeme, who
resigned and decamped to the APC reportedly had robbery attack at his
residence. He reportedly called the police and reported the issue, only
for Senator Akpabio and the APC leadership to organize a press
conference  in the state to allege that the state government was
responsible, claiming an assassination attempt.

This happened even when  the police authority in the state has come out
to say that the incident was not an assassination attempt, and that
indeed, the said aide  had, while he was still an S.A to the governor,
been attacked by armed robbers in the same vicinity where he lives.

It will be recalled that the APC in the state, two weeks ago, had raised
similar false claims and wrongly pointed accusing fingers at the PDP
Government in the state, when they purported that gun shots were fired
into the bedroom of the APC Governorship Candidate, Mr Nsima Ekere, in
apparent assassination attempt.

Before reporting the matter to the security agencies for investigation,
Don Etiebet, an APC chieftain, had within minutes of the alleged
incident called a press conference and read a long well written  press
statement in a manner which made every thinking member of the society
wonder whether the alleged gun shots were masterminded by the APC
hierarchy as part of their overall false security alarm, as part of the
build-up for a planned  postponement of elections in Akwa-Ibom state to
separate days where they can flood the state with compromised security
operatives to terrorize and intimidate the state like they did  during
Ekiti and Osun states governorship elections.

The PDP knows that this desperation by Senator Akpabio and APC in Akwa
Ibom State is not unconnected with his frustration after hundreds of
militant youths in his senatorial zone, who he wanted to use as thugs to
rig elections for the APC, have all disarmed, abandoned him and embraced
the PDP, having realized the evil plots of the APC.

Senator Akpabio knows that Akwa-Ibom is a core PDP state and that no
amount of machination by him and the APC can change that fact. Senator
Akpabio also knows that he committed a political suicide immediately he
crossed over to the APC and as such should learn to contain his
frustration instead of this plot to turn the state into a theater of
violence for his selfish gain.


Kola Ologbondiyan
National Publicity Secretary