My Skepticism About The Viral Video Clip On Governor Ganduje – By Ahmed Musa


My Skepticism About The Viral Video Clip On Governor Ganduje – By Ahmed Musa

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One shouldn’t believe anything he or she sees in the media, especially the new media i.e. social media, which is now assuming a platform, where mischief makers parade their malicious gossips, set people against each other and defraud anyone who falls their prey. The recent video clips that went viral on Facebook and other new platforms, depicting someone as Kano State Governor, Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje seemingly collecting bundles of US dollars as bribe from an unknown person, is a good example of the scam perpetrated by those social media defrauders, who at times appear to be managing online media outfits, which a number of them is bereft of appropriate or formal registration or approval to make any publication.

The Daily Nigerian, the so-called online newspaper, which its existence was not known until the time it released the purported video of the Governor is owned and managed by someone who is gaining notoriety through being sponsored by ill-minded politicians to slanderously publish about their opponents and other important personalities, who they view as threat to realizing their ill intents. The sponsored person, who parades as journalist, had on one time served as an aide to the immediate past Kano State Government, an administration, which its head and his lieutenants envy the successes being recorded by the Ganduje led government.  Therefore one should not expect a fair coverage of anything pertains to Governor Ganduje or his administration from the online newspaper.

As someone, conversant with the manipulation of computer graphics to suit the maker’s taste, the purported video of Ganduje didn’t at all create any impression on my mind to believe it as genuine. My colleagues and I make similar or higher resolution videos and other computer generated graphics for academic and comic purposes, not libelous ones as poorly and mischievously done by the Daily Nigerian newspaper. The clips released, omitted the face of the bribe giver, only his hands were spotted handing the money to the person they claimed was our governor. This casts doubts on every critical watcher of the clip and clearly reveals the ill-intent of the video maker, because one cannot collect something from mere hands without the person who owns the hands. Up till now, the person whose hands were spotted giving the bribe is yet to come out and own up to the alleged felony.

According to the clip maker, the bribed sum is to the tune of five million US dollars, which every person who is familiar with financial transaction knows that such amount is far less than $5million. In fact being a professional graphic expert, I was able to identify in the clip the repetition of scenes to create the impression that the pecuniary transaction is enormous. The other lacuna detected is that, the hand giving the money in the clip dated October 2016 was wearing a striped cloth and it was same, with same striped cloth, seen after one year, in another clip dated December 2017 giving the money. So, why should such bribe giver, maintained same cloth after one year? This must cast doubt on any dispassionate minds.

For the social media followers or operators, they might have watched our comic video clip about Chinese kid criminally stashing in his trouser, the Yuan, the main unit of currency in China. The video’s graphics was much higher than the libelous one on Governor Ganduje and the action of the kid therein appears more convincing. I therefore urge our colleagues who misuse their talent to deceive the gullible minds or laymen into believing their slanderous videos and other animatronics to desist from the habit.

To me as a computer graphic professional, I have no iota of doubt to the fact that such videos are doctored, fake and mischievously made to tarnish the good image of our Governor, and I believe the Investigation Committee, which was established by the Kano State House Assembly to ascertain the authenticity of the cloned video, will certainly disprove the mischief makers and our amiable governor Dr. Abdullahi Umar Ganduje will be exonerated.


Ahmed Musa writes from Wuse II, Abuja



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