Leadership Tussle: Court Confirms Boniface Eze-Ndi-Igbo Kano

Leadership Tussle: Court Confirms Boniface Eze-Ndi-Igbo Kano

Leadership Tussle: Court Confirms Boniface Eze-Ndi-Igbo Kano

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By Yakubu Salisu A, Kano

A Kano High court No 4 sitting at Audu Bako secretariat, on Wednesday, ruled on the tussle over the stool of the traditional ruler (eze) of Ndi-Igbo in Kano, the court affirmed that Igwe Boniface Ibekwe is the duly crowned Eze Ndi-Igbo in Kano.

The presiding judge, Justice Abubakar Tijjani Badamasi ruled that, the crowning of Igwe Ibekwe ,as the traditional leader of Ndi-igbo, followed and complied with the provisions of the constitution of Igbo Community Association, ICA Kano.

According to the originating summons, Nze Ignatus N. Nwosu and chief Leonard Nwosu had approached the court, requesting the court to nullify the emergence of igwe Boniface Ibekwe as Eze-Ndi Igbo in Kano.

The plaintiff told the court that, Igwe Boniface failed to fulfill the spelt out constitutional requirements and therefore could not assume the throne. he then pray the court for a perpetual restraining order, compelling igwe Boniface to desist from parading himself as Eze Ndi-Igbo of Kano.

He further told the court that, Igwe Ibekwe allegedly indulged in the act of unwarranted provocative annoyance against him.
Nze Ignatus then requested the court to order, Igwe Boniface to compensate him, in the sum of N3 million for the damages allegedly inflicted on him, and legal fees incurred, in prosecuting the matter.

The court yesterday dismissed all the issues raised against the Igbo leader, noting that, the plaintiff failed to prove his case.
According to the court, the constitution that regulates the activities of Igbo Community Association, ICA Kano does provide for the recognition of the post of Onye –Ndu, adding that the nomenclature for Igbo traditional ruler that is stipulated in the constitution is that of Eze Ndi-Igbo, “ICA constitution provided for only Eze Ndi-Igbo and the constitution has not been amended to accommodate a new nomenclature.

The court gave verdict in favor of Igwe Boniface Ibekwe, who in his defence had dismissed all the issues raised against him before the court.He informed the court that, his coronation as Eze –Ndi Igbo in Kano was conducted in compliance with laid out norms, tradition and constitutional provisions laid down by Ndi –igbo in Kano.

The court however, refrained from granting cost to either of the parties, it ordered the parties to shoulder the burden of their cost.



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