Monarch’s Son Tortured To Death By Police In Ebonyi

Monarch’s Son Tortured To Death By Police In Ebonyi

Monarch’s Son Tortured To Death By Police In Ebonyi

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From Chinasa Nworu 

It was a teary easter yesterday in Abaomege community, Onicha LGA of Ebonyi State as young and promising son of the community met his untimely death in the police custody. The boy Kelechi Gabriel Ineke, son of His royal highness Eze Gabriel Ineke, king of Abaomege community was on Wednesday 28th March 2018 arrested over a fight with a son of a police officer simply identified as Umet.

According to the brother of the deceased Prince Nnamdi Ineke, when asked, he said that the young man, that is his brother, was said to have fought with a police man’s son of the same age mate. The police son left the scene of the fight only to come back with his father who is a police officer serving in Abaomege to arrest the prince.

The prince believe that his brother was arrested with no option of bail and locked up without any sort of questions or interogations as regards his reason for arrest. In his words according to source “When we, the family members got there, they said we should go and come back the next day refusing us to see, feed or bail him. The next day they refused us to see, bail or give him food again. Three days of his being in custody he was not allowed to see his siblings or receive food or water from them. We were asked on the fourth day to come the next day with ten thousand naira bailout fee”

According to available information , other detainees had pre informed the Prince that all may not be well with his brother as he had spent the whole night groaning and crying out for help which never came as the men on duty ignored both the young Prince and their own call for help. “We called on the police officers on duty to know what is wrong with him and if the young man was having problem but they ignored us and since today we have not heard from him” the inmate said.” The detainees though in a separate cell believe he was tortured and starved to death in the custody with a rope in his neck as if he committed suicide. Mr Nnamdi told us that on the fifth day he went to the police station to bail him but met him dead.

According to source he said “I went to the police station with the ten thousand naira (10,000) to bail him as requested by the police, the police officers at the counter told me to wait that the DCO is on his way to the station. I waited a while, when he arrived, he went straight to the cell with one of his boys on duty directing me not to come with them. I stood back only for him to walk out quickly, wispered into the ears of the officers at the counter. Before Nnamdi realise it the DCO entered his car zoomed off. His action made the young man suspicious as he quickly went into the cell where his brother was detained In isolation only to find him hanging on the roof dead with a rope tied to his neck. The rest officer deserted the station before he could come out from the cell. “I quickly rushed out to ask the police officers on duty but they had all disappeared”

On the side of the police, the DCO in charge of the police division was quoted claiming that the young prince committed suicide in the cell.

Recall that the Prince was kept in Isolated cell like a common criminal. The question is, why would he want to commit suicide as the police has alleged ? Why was he denied bail even after 96 hours in custody? How did the young man who was in detention with only boxer on get access to rope? What was a rope doing in a police cell? Could it be that he was actually tortured to death by the police as is alledged by the people? These are the questions begging for answers and only the police can give answers to them.
The questions begging for answers now are: why was the prince put in a separate cell? What was a rope doing in a police cell? What was happening to him as at the time he was calling for help?

The people of Abaomege as at this moment believe that there is more to these that meets the eye. When we contacted a youth from the community who is known as pastor he said, they did not even fight physically, “it was just quarrel and threats. The boy went and called his father to arrest the prince”

When we tried to contact the DCO, his numbers were switched off. And the town union president could not be reached also at the time of filing this report.



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