Ganduje Finalizes Preparation For FG’s Trans-Nigeria Gas Pipeline Project To Kano

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Ganduje Finalizes Preparation For FG’s Trans-Nigeria Gas Pipeline Project To Kano

Ganduje Finalizes Preparation For FG’s Trans-Nigeria Gas Pipeline Project To Kano

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In appreciation of the federal government’s effort in the establishment of Trans-Nigeria Gas Pipeline Project starting from Ajaokuta-Abuja-Kaduna-Kano (AAKK) section, the Kano state governor Dr Abdullahi Umar Ganduje has issued a notice of land acquisition in line with the Land Use Act No. 6 of 1978 LFN CAP 202, to allow for land for the execution of the gigantic project.

He issued the notice on the 21st of April, 2018, in which he referred that “Pursuant to the power conferred on me by Section 28 (1) of the Land Use Act of 1978 (LFN CAP 202), I the Governor of Kano State hereby revoke all existing Statutory or Customary Right of Occupancy on the said parcel of land, more particular described in the schedule hitherto with effect from the date of this notice.”

To assure all those affected by the federal government project of quick and effective compensation, the governor assured that, “The Nigerian National Petroleum Corporation is willing to pay compensation in respect to crops, building structures and unexhausted improvement on the land in accordance with Section 29 of the Land Use Act 1978.”

The affected land areas where this developmental project goes through are Tarau-Gwarzo road, Crossing of Chiromawa River, Chiromawa Garun Malam road, Crossing Tamburawa River and other areas that includes Crossing of 33KVA High Tension (TNGS0451R), amongst others.

It was observed that, the project would bring much development to Kano state, where the mega gas pipeline project will be established. That the state failing industries would have an effective window through which those industries would be reinvigorated.

Such opportunity according to investigation would apart, from making gas more available in the state, it would also create more employment opportunities for Kano people. It would at the same time boost modern industrial development and expansion in the state.

Governor Ganduje has been liaising very well with the NNPC for an effective and immediate take-off,  in a hasten manner, for the people to benefit immensely so as to provide more employment opportunities for the people and for a proliferation of other businesses surrounding an industrial development.

Not only the states where the pipeline project would pass through, other neighboring states of Kogi Abuja and Kaduna would also benefit immensely from the people-oriented project. States like Nassarawa, Benue, Plateau, Katsina, Jigawa amongst others would feel the multiplier effect of the federal government’s development scheme.

To help the process being implemented without any hindrance governor warned that, “Any person who shall willingly hinder or obstruct the government or any person employed by the Government from continuing with possession of the said parcel of land or any part thereof is liable under provision of the Act above mentioned, on conviction to a fine of N5,000 (five thousand Naira) only or to imprisonment for three months.”

With the sole intention to prevent false claims of lands that the new gigantic project affects, Ganduje  warns, with making reference to the Land Use Act, that, “Any person who makes any false claim in respect of the parcel of land to the State Governor shall be guilty of an offence under provisions of the Act above mentioned and liable on conviction to imprisonment for one year or to a fine of N5,000, (Five Thousand Naira) only.”


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