Benue Killings A Case Of Insurgency, We Are Under Siege… Benue Govt


Benue Killings A Case Of Insurgency, We Are Under Siege… Benue Govt

Benue Killings A Case Of Insurgency, We Are Under Siege… Benue Govt

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From Msughshima Andrew, Makurdi

Benue State Government has stated that the latest killing which claimed the lives of two priests and 17 other worshippers can only be likened to an act of insurgency.

Acting Governor of the State, Engr. Benson Abounu who was reacting to the killings of two Reverend Fathers and 17 others said Benue is under siege and called on the federal government and security agencies to stand up to their responsibilities.

The acting Governor who described the latest attack as a black day for all Benue people said the killings have taken a new dimension and is no longer the usual herdsmen/farmers crisis but a case of Insurgency.

“Let me say categorically state here that this is another black day in Benue state. I am saddened, the Governor who is on leave is saddened, Benue people are very sad. I can put it now that Benue is under siege. We have been attacked from all corners and this is unacceptable.

“What happened today is a calculated attack, well planned, and well executed. They must have taken their time to hit their target and they got what they desired to to.

“The police have been able to recover 16 corpses, one had earlier on been brought to Makurdi and as I talk to you now, all the corpses have been brought to Makurdi including the two Reverend Fathers killed right inside the church.

Abounu described the attack as very worrisome saying “this attack has a new dimension because it has never happened before and therefore is very worrying”.

He said killing 19 innocent people in one day without provocations means a black day for the Benue people. “We are under siege and I do believe that this has gone beyond the normal herdsmen /farmers crisis.

“What we are having at the moment is a case of attacks from insurgents and these insurgents can come from any source or background and should therefore be regrded as a grave and serious matter.

“And my take on the matter is that all the security agencies should look at this matter as no longer the usual herdsmen/ farmers crisis but as an issue of Insurgency as we have in the North East.

While he called all hands on deck to bring peace back to Benue state, Abounu explained that the 72 Battalion, the 707 Special Battalion, the Commissioner of Police and the Director of SSS have been notified to step up action.

“We have been on top of it and police and soldiers have been deployed to all areas. But my directive is that the matter is still hot and the attackers might still be lurking somewhere in the bush.

“We can not say normalcy have returned to the areas. My directive is that the security agencies must run after them into the bushes, flush them out and have them apprehended. It is only then that we can thouroughly investigate and find the root cause of this problem”, he added.

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