Military Takeover: Senator Ekweremadu Is Patriotic

Military Takeover: Senator Ekweremadu Is Patriotic

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Military Takeover: Senator Ekweremadu Is Patriotic

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We have carefully listened to the contribution made on the floor of the Senate by the Deputy President of Nigerian Senate, Ike Ekweremadu, where he mentioned the possibility of military take over in Nigeria if some undemocratic acts of a few politicians are not checkmated.

Having considered the circumstance which informed this comment by him and the real intention behind it, we call on Nigerians to commend Senator Ekweremadu for his courageous and patriotic Advice and warning to some few Nigerians in politics whose desperation for political power threatens the Peace, Unity and survival of our Constitutional and Representative Democracy that millions of Nigerians sacrificed to bring to bear in 1999.

His speech did not in anyway call for a military coup d’etat or takeover in Nigeria as wrongly reported by some sections of the media. On the contrary, Senator Ekweremadu’s comment was strong condemnation of unconstitutional and undemocratic behaviours of some privileged few Nigerians in political offices whose actions if not stopped could provoke national outcry and unrest that may instigate Nigerian Armed Forces to takeover as has been the sad cases in the past.

We cannot pretend that all is well with the way a few privileged Nigerians are abusing their privileged political powers to oppress and deprive others of their Fundamental Rights and Freedoms.

Nigerians should rise up now to call on such power-drunk politicians to retrace their wrong steps and embrace an all inclusive government for the overriding Peace, Unity and Democratic Progress of Nigeria.

The recent sad behaviour of and abuse of power by some State Governors are clear obstacles to the growing clamour for establishment of State Police.

Establishment of State Police under the leadership of such power-drunk Governors would be the worst retrogressive decision by Nigerians. It will be worse than dreaded military dictatorships ever seen anywhere in the world.

We wish to commend our patriotic Nigerian Armed Forces for their loyalty to Democratic Government of Nigeria since May 29, 1999. We urge them to continue to be so loyal.

Finally, we wish to remind Nigerians that section 1(2) of 1999 Nigerian Constitution, as amended, prohibits any form of governance or take over of governance of Nigeria except through Democratic process.


Comrade (Engr) Igbini Odafe Emmanuel.

National President, Vanguard for Transparent Leadership and Democracy (VATLAD)

Warri, Delta State.

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