YOWICAN National President Sues CAN

YOWICAN National President Sues CAN

YOWICAN National President Sues CAN

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All CAN National Executives,
Zonal CAN Chairmen,
State CAN Chairmen,
Bloc Leaders.
Greetings in the precious Name of Jesus Christ.
I’m compelled to approach a court of competent jurisdiction for interpretation and intervention over the YOWICAN tenureship and to put a stop to the reckless illegal elections process that characterize CAN for fews years championed by some cabals leading us to similar shameful crisis of the 2016 CAN elections which cause the splitting in CAN.
I humbly wish to draw your attention to the irregularities that characterize CAN and the running of this institution of God by those in charge at the National Secretariat. We have been turned into drama theatre due to gross violations of our mandate,unholy alliances and sentiments. You must arise and rescue CAN !
No pretence we are never together,contrary to our motto John 17: 21 ” that they all may be one”
I wrote several letters and approach many of you since October 2017,when we discovered some persons attempt to Hijack YOWICAN and install their stooge. No reply or response to that effect,but all we witnessed is hide and seek or   hypocritical role. I can’t be party to this while my Christians are massively killed by Jihadis.
I suspect the role of some national officers in fictionalising the YOWICAN owing to their political and to boost their internal crisis. We have resisted for long and will vehemently oppose what is evil,including dragging us into shameful Crisis among the CAN National Executives.
The decision is to pave way for justice,due and transparent elections process to prevent any fracas amongst peaceful YOWICAN members.  Many are now issuing dangerous threat and have joining in unholy alliances contrary to our belief and practice as children of God. I’ve equally received threat to life,it’s very  important to notify you. We must be accurate and transparent.
While we pray for God’s interventions in our numerous challenges as a Church,we must equally put our house in order to overcome and come out victorious.
I sincerely apologise for taking this (un-Christian) hard decision.
Yours Faithfully in the Lord’s Vineyard.
Engr Daniel Davud Kadzai,
YOWICAN National President.
Stay tuned for the comprehensive report


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