Fulani Herdsman Caught On Video Armed With Police AK47

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Fulani Herdsman Caught On Video Armed With Police AK47

Fulani Herdsman Caught On Video Armed With Police AK47

Two videos depicting the possible source and nature of the attacks experienced by innocent indigenes of various communities in Christian dominated regions of Nigeria – have reached 247ureports.com.

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This comes amidst threats by the Fulani herders Union of violence should President Mohammadu Buhari fail to make it to a second term in office. The Union recently pledged to unleash mayheim upon Christian Nigeria in the event Buhari loses the 2019 outing.

The video tape discoveries may indeed lend credence to the threats of election related violence – and to the source of their weaponry.

One of the videos show a group of young men speaking Hausa and a mix of Fulani language with Hausa. They number over 20 and each were armed with AK47s and bullets. It showed what seemed like a head count of soldiers readying for an attack. With each span of the video, the ‘soldiers’ would raise their riffle to the camera. Some of the soldiers would posed for the camera mimicking a shooting position. Others were busy loading their ammunition. The video [at the 3:19 mark] showed one of the youths holding a riffle with the Nigeria police force colors – of green yellow and blue.

See the video below:

The second video shows an injured Nigerian security personnel detailing his accounts to the State Governor of Benue, Ortom. They vedio was inside a medical center were some of the injured security personnel were recovering. The injured personnel who was laying down on the hospital bed told the Governor that he saw armed Fulani youths with high sophisicated weapons – and that they spoke the Fulani language and that they were many in number. The injured security personnel added that they were also armed with charms. “The only way we could go back in there is with armored tankers“. He said.

See the video below


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