2019:  Okorocha Can’t Decide For Imo People – Igbo Spiritual Leader

2019:  Okorocha Can’t Decide For Imo People – Igbo Spiritual Leader

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A member Board of Trustees (BOT) of All Progressives Grand Alliance (APGA) and Spiritual leader of the Igbo nation Chief Rommy Ezeonwuka (Ogilisi Igbo) has told Governor Rochas Okorocha of Imo State that he cannot decide for the people of the State on who succeeds him in 2019.

The Imo State Governor was said to have selected and endorsed his son-in-law and his current Chief of Staff Mr Uche Nwosu to succeed him in 2019 after his eight- year tenure, a development which has elicited a wide range of reactions within and outside the Imo State.

But lending his voice, Chief Eeonwuka said Okorocha having completed his tenure in Imo State cannot impose a Governor on the people ,since he has only one vote, saying “Imo people will decide who will be their Governor through a free and fair election.”

The Igbo Spiritual leader was optimistic that if there is free and fair election in Imo State in 2019, APGA will sweep the poll because every South East State will want a replication of what is now happening in Anambra State where APGA is the party on board based on great performance of the Governor Willie Obiano.

Ezeonwuka also expressed the hope that APGA will ignite a hurricane force in the southeast and other places across Nigeria in 2019 warning that attempt to rig election against APGA anywhere in 2019 will be resisted with the spiritual force of Ogilisj.

He said “any governor or other politicians or INEC officials who may attempt to rig election against APGA in 2019 will meet strong resistance because as the spiritual leader of Ndigbo I will unleash the superior power of Ogilisi Igbo against them”

He observed that with the failure of APC government and the bad records of PDP, Nigerians have realised that APGA is the best party to pitch their tent with especially going with the fact that Anambra State under APGA is fairing very better than most States in the county.

He continued “what successive government of APGA have done in Anambra State is enough to convince Nigerians that the party meant well for the people and that if given opportunity at all levels the party will definitely do better than APC and PDP, I believe that people across Nigeria will give APGA that opportunity in 2019 and like I said earlier on any attempt to rig election against APGA anywhere will be resisted’

Using Governor Willie Obiano to sample what APGA government is capable to offer he said “Obiano has  continued to show that he is not a typical Nigerian politician. He has been performing before and after the election. He has added more pep in his performance since after his re-election. I know how many roads I have followed him to commission since his re-election. He has exacted more zeal and effort since after his re-election. I doubt if Anambra State would another Governor like him”