[Video] Maria Ude [Afikpo Chic] A Sex Worker – By Emeka John Onyema



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Emeka John Onyema Wrote

Afikpo Chicken, Maria Ude Nwachi aka Madam Whacky Sex Ring.
A prostitute is a prostitute and must always behave like one, no matter how good she is and a cocotte will always dance surugede at any given point.
Afikpo Chicken or whatever she is called is a cocotte, call girl, hooker, harlot, cunt and irresponsible idiot. She was dubbed Madam Whacky Sex Ring because of her famous monkey style position.
She is know as ..
Maria Uzor Egwu
Arianna Uzor Egwu
Maria Ude Nwachi
Nwanyi Afikpo
Afikpo Chicken.
Only one person with different names, I wonder the kind of sex position that produces this ugly scammer and it goes a long way to prove that evolution can go in reverse. What a bad day for Igbo land, what a bad day for gullible Igbo’s following this Oji Ikpu eche OJi .

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She called Nnamdi Kanu and his followers meanypants and irresponsible idiots & when Buhari tried using masquerade to testify against him, she applauded the tyrant but she was fiercely confronted by stronger forces of Nnamdi Kanu and she backed down & employed dubious strategy to water down the heat.
To tell you that ashawo is ashawo, she operate a secret sugar daddy club known as Rosie yug. She prey and recruit young beautiful igbo girls in Igboist and other igbo groups and give them to politicians and dirty old men in exchange for money.
She collected N5.5 Million Naira from Okoroawusa, shared the sum of N500.000 and pocketed N5 Million Naira.
She forged fake hundreds facebook accounts and use her fake facebook accounts to pocket N5million naira. That has been her style from day one, meanwhile okoroawusa is owing imo people more than 24 months salary in arrears and the pensioners are nothing to write home about.
She collected the sum of N22 million naira from Uche Sampson Ogah, pocketed N20 million with hundreds of fake facebook accounts and shared the sum of N2million naira to those working for her.
She collected the sum of N8million naira from Patrick Uba and pocketed all the money using hundreds of fake facebook accounts.
She collected the sum of N4 million naira from Orji Uzor Kalu, diverted the sum of N3.5 million naira to her hundreds of fake facebook accounts and shared the rest to the people working for her and members of the public.
All the money collected un-behalf of public was diverted into her personal account and some of her staff/partner in crime named Henry, Ad and many left her to form their own Igbo group. I don’t want to mention their full names for security reasons.
She duped Igboville group and was among those that benefited from public money (N5 million) donated by notorious T A Orji during Igboville Conference at Aba.
She tried scamming Emeka John Onyema last three years and failed woefully, then send her attack dogs to blackmail Emeka John Onyema, all to no avail.
It’s a pity that a former jailed harlot , a PORN STAR is now a Nigerian law maker and planning to go to senate. She is so ugly inside that if she is twice smart she is still be a useless prostitute and I don’t blame her for deceiving gullible Igbo ‘s .
This lady don’t have brain cell and I can see that she is everything wrong with a human and Igbo land, she is a typical animal abuse, abusing everything about Igbo.
She claimed to love Igbo, but the reverse is the case, so she is cash and carry, very dirty and smelly idiot that haven’t got time to wash her pants and undies. Her face alone looks like something caught on fire and someone try to put it out with a hammer and I can’t remember the last time I saw something looking awkward and horrible like this lady, a constantly expanding thief, scammer and horrible criminal and disguised as a saint.
Those that voted this cheap prostitute has made a mistake of their lives. What a world.
What baffles me most is covering her ears all the time with wigs, have anyone try to find out the secret behind this evil PORN STAR and wigs ?
She was rumoured to have fucked dogs and other animals during her days in the game and this led to her deportation from United States of America.
New York Times called her local bush prostitute , New York post called her madam Whacky sex ring master, daily news called her hooker sex master and all Africa news called her madam cunt the sex maniac.
Here are the links for your records.
Don’t vote for this idiot, no election in igbo land.








  1. The person dat posted dis shit about maria is nonthing but a big fool dat doesnt have hand wotk.she a nice woman n will continue to be a grt woman!

  2. Its quite that this is all abt Biafra n KANU. Fools are bound in lgboland when biafran activitists will exhibit their foolishness by name calling n throwing tantrums at those who are far better than them,its so so bad…a wasted generation. Suffice to say,the writer is a complete idiot

  3. We all have our lives to decide whatever we wanna do with it.
    You have chosen to use yours to paint wrong image about others. Karma will definitely address your issue very soon.
    Igbos! Why do y’all enjoying seeing your very neighbour down?


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