Nnamdi Kanu Receives $50,000 And Two SUVs From Obiano


Information reaching 247ureports.com indicates that the factional leader of the Indigenous Peoples of Biafra [IPOB] has received $50,000 and two sport utility vehicles [SUVs] from the Governor of Anambra State. This as members of IPOB cry foul over the acceptance of the gift by the factional leader.

As gathered, the gift was personally hand delivered by an aide to the Governor. The aide, a former resident of United States of America and a distant relative of the Governor, Primus Odili, handed the cash gift and the two vehicles to Nnamdi Kanu shortly after his release from Kuje prison on bail.

Members of IPOB, reportedly kicked against accepting the gifts from the Anambra State Governor… citing that the Governor had supervised the slaughter of IPOB members in Onitsha and Nkpor. They citing his silence during the period of Nnamdi Kanu’s incarceration of indicting enough to refuse any gift from the Governor.

One of the top ranking members who spoke to 247ureports.com in Abuja stated that the Governor offered him the money and the vehicle in exchange for support in his gubernatorial race.

On the part of Nnamdi Kanu, he has told his followers and registered members to remain silent on the upcoming gubernatorial elections that they remain apolitical to the Nigerian electoral system.

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  1. Kanu is reaping his dividends of the innocent Biafrans blood he sacrifice for riches and fame. Ntoooooo to all the gullible Igbos that are supporting him, including the ones he abandoned in prison.

  2. In as much as there is nothing wrong in giving and receiving, but, should Nnamdi Kanu receive such a gift from such a person who spearheaded the killings of innocent and unarmed Biafrans protesting against his (Nnamdi Kanu) prolonged incarceration, then, he is not worthy to lead the Igbos and must end up as his other likes.
    To whom much is given, much is expected from. At least, one thing that i am about from what is currently going on, is that we have known who the true Biafrans are.

  3. Dignity must not be given to a lie by responding to it. How do they expect to break Nnamdi Kanu’s popularity other than through cheap blackmail. This is a spurious allegation, we wonder why a reputable body like Intersociety will be deceived into buying into a story that existed only in the figment of the peddlers. Must the rise of Nnamdi Kanu be rebeled at? These were the same people who alleged that Nnamdi Kanu had said while on a thank-you visit to Chief Femi-Fani-Kayode, that he no longer believed in his stance on national issues. Maybe, seeing that that kite did not fly, they rephrased and came up with imaginary car and cash gifts. They have failed again as always. Nnamdi Kanu’s popularity is untainted and cannot be tainted no matter how hard they collude with the people’s enemy to fabricate lies. Again, Gov. Willie Obiano did not sanction the killing of any Biafran activist in his state. You are commting the same offense you are ignorantly accusing Obiano of, by the same allegation because nmeto nwaeze ka ogbugbu ya. Gov. Obiano is innocent.


    Many thanks to Chief Femi Fani-Kayode for his kind words for Mazi Nnamdi Kanu and for according him warm reception at his residence in Abuja. Many thanks also for his desire for the records to be made straight which stems from his innate concern for the survival and betterment of our different peoples lumped up in an imbalanced union and desiring self determination as a result. My interest really is in his spirited effort in trying to clear the erroneous impression which the APC propaganda machine tried to create to the effect that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has changed his stance on national matters. I’m also happy that from Fani-Kayode’s assertion it has been made crystal clear that the opposition will stop at nothing in twisting the truth in their desperate bid to cause disaffection among a united people, united by a common course and purpose. The APC propaganda machine as he rightly acknowledged-is aimed at misleading the public and playing Mazi Nnamdi Kanu against his followers and it brings to mind a similar propaganda by the opposition in Anambra state wherein the opposition flew a kite that got some adherents of Biafra agitation into believing that Gov. Willie Obiano ordered shoot at sight during the 2016, May 30th IPOB celebration at Nkpor.

    Suffice it to say that the same way the opposition is now trying to use the thank-you-visit Mazi Nnamdi Kanu paid to you to cause disaffection among his followers was the same way the opposition in the wake of the unfortunate incident of May 30th, 2016 at Nkpor, attempted to play the people of Anambra state and indeed Ndigbo against the governor of Anambra state, Chief Willie Obiano by creating the impression that the governor was responsible for the unfortunate brutalities that members of IPOB suffered at Nkpor which some people tended to believe even though it is common knowledge that governors do not control the army let alone ordering the army to shoot at defenseless civilians. It is good you came out early enough to put the records straight. It is equally important that our people understand the grotesque of the opposition who like ravenous lion, knows that the only way to get his buffalo prey was to cause panic and stamped leading to unbundling of the herd in order to cutoff its prey for a sumptuous meal. The opposition is aware that the only way to whittle down the infectious attachment the people have towards Mazi Nnamdi Kanu as in Gov. Willie Obiano was to sow seeds of discord by creating distrust. And they found the unfortunate incident at Nkpor as fertile ground to launch their well designed propaganda and almost succeeded in planting the notion in the minds of people that Gov. Willie Obiano ordered shoot at sight on May 30th, 2016 as unarmed IPOB members gathered at Nkpor to Celebrate May 30th Declaration of the State of Biafra by Gen. Chukwuemeka Odumegwu Ojukwu. Surprisingly, some folks who do not understand the wicked-surreptitious agenda of the opposition using their many propaganda machines tenaciously believed them and holding same against Gov. Willie Obiano.

    For the records, the May 30th event at Nkpor by IPOB and affiliate pro-Biafra groups was not a protest rally, it was also not a demonstration; it was a gathering to mark an auspicious event in the annals of our history as Ndigbo. It was a celebration and the people had nothing to protest or demonstrate for other than celebrate the blessing that May 30th had become. Regrettably, it turned bloody because of the inherent bitterness of some compatriots who derive satisfaction and would stop at nothing in decimating our people at the slightest opportunity to do so. The disturbances itself started at about 4.30am and until afternoon, it was only known within security circles who were, as they claimed, “dealing” with the situation as a normal occurrence; not until the magnitude of what was happening started filtering in. Gov. Willie Obiano was clearly not in the picture. The opposition had between 7.00am and 11.00am that fateful morning cooked-up and spread the rumor that the botched Anambra State Association of Town Unions (ASATU) Youth election held the previous day, which they claimed the state government had wanted to impose a candidate as against the preference by members of the body for the reelection of the incumbent President “was the cause of the fighting at Nkpor.” The opposition alleged that the government’s candidate and his group mobilized forces to confront the incumbent ASATU youth President and his group at Nkpor and blamed government’s interference in ASATU youth election as being responsible for the crisis. The opposition by that statement portrayed itself as being completely ignorant of the situation and further showed itself as only interested in robing in the state government and its officials in any unfortunate incident, because the situation at Nkpor had nothing to do with the ASATU youth election. Realising that they had goofed in their earlier statement, the opposition between 11.00am and 2.00pm rephrased their earlier reason for the cause of the crisis at Nkpor and began to saturate all known online platforms with the spurious allegation that Gov. Willie Obiano ordered the army to shoot at IPOB members at Nkpor and anywhere they could be found. Having abandoned their earlier position, desperation then spurred the opposition to lash onto their latest position and began to vigorously fan the untrue impression which the 5th columnists took-up and blew it from the rooftop and some members of the public and IPOB members began to conclude that the governor had hands in their ordeal afterall. But the truth is: the impression of “shoot-at-sight order” was not created by any pronouncement from Gov. Willie Obiano nor by the traumatized IPOB itself but by the opposition and it went viral.

    Howbeit, rather than continue to believe the lies of the opposition, it was Gov. Willie Obiano’s bold intervention upon learning of what was happening that halted the deteriorating situation. He has remained saddened till date because of that brutal and unprovoked attack on our unarmed brothers at Nkpor. I may be speaking as an equally aggrieved onye-Igbo that I am, but that is the truth of what happened. Gov. Willie Obiano is innocent of all the name calling. It was the opposition that sold the notion of “shoot at sight” to the public and because of the general atmosphere of bitterness over what happened, people started venting their anger clinging onto the spurious allegation of the governor ordering shoot at sight rather than channeling such anger to the federal agency that was responsible. Gov. Willie Obiano is only being called names for nothing, he didn’t do that. One may want to ague; is he not the chief security officer of the state? But that is only on the pages of newspapers, especially when the powers that be has interest. We had hoped that January 15th, 1970 was to be the last we would be losing any of our young men and women to Biafra related issues. Of all the governors in Igboland, none is more receptive to Igbo course than Gov. Willie Obiano. Of all the governors we have had ever since the Civil War, none could summon the courage to rebury our fathers, mothers, brothers, sisters and our children killed during the war, both in action and through such other causes as air raids, abortive air sorties, starvation, disease and so on in the course of the 30-month-old sanguinary open conflict. It was Gov. Willie Obiano that did, even at the risk of being labeled by Nigerian Hegemonies and Lords. He also built cenotaph in memory of our fallen and unknown soldiers. He has made overtures, he has condemned the Nkpor incident in the strongest possible terms, he undertook to clear the hospital bills of the injured, he has reached out and identified with the affected families and the injured and he is furthering on that. You and I know that State Governors do not control even the least armed force in their respective states save for the Vigilantes. Gov. Willie Obiano did not order shoot at sight, he never did. He buried those the enemy killed during the genocidal war and would not have killed for who then to bury them for him? The name calling should cease. If it is right to discard the insinuation that Mazi Nnamdi Kanu has changed his stance on Biafra, it is equally right to discard the insinuation that Gov. Willie Obiano had hands in the Nkpor debacle. The opposition mustn’t make us believe lies in order to feather their own nest. We are wiser now!


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