N15billion: Abba Kyari Urged Oke To Claim The Money, Promised Soft Landing


The last may have not been heard of the cash find by the foremost anti-graft agency of Nigeria, the Economic and Financial Crimes Commission [EFCC]. This is as new and credible information available to 247ureports.com obtained by competent sources within the presidency indicates top officials at the presidency may have incestuous connections to the cash find at the Lagos apartment complex.

According to published news reports, the said money was found in a residential building in the 7th Floor of a four – bedroom apartment at Osborne Towers located at 16, Osborne road Ikoyi on the evening of April 12, 2017 at about 5pm when EFCC operative stormed the apartment complex, acting on a tipoff.  Initially, the named owner of the apartment complex, former Chairman of the Peoples Democratic Party [PDP], Malam Mu’azu had denied owning the complex, before accepting that he once owned the entire complex but had sold portions of it to an unknown buyer.

The discovered money, $38 million, £27,000 and N23 million was initially thought to belong to various named persons including the former PDP Chairman, Muazu, former Governor of Rivers State and present Transportation Minister, Rotimi Amaechi and among others personalities.

But reliable information indicates the monies may be connected to other officials of the Buhari administration. According to a competent source, the monies were part of the PDP presidential campaign fund raised against the 2015 presidential elections through the diversion of funds from the various security organizations in Nigeria.

Adamu Muazu

At the news break of the cash find, presidential sources indicate that the Chief of Staff, Abba Kyari beckoned on the then boss of the Nigeria Intelligence Agency [NIA], Oke to claim ownership of the money. The NIA boss was promised a soft landing by the Chief of Staff. This effort was to protect the real owners of the money. Our source points to operators within Adamu Muazu and Abba Kyari’s circles as having direct link to the cash find. It is believed by knowledgeable sources, the cabal at the presidency have turned Oke the scapegoat.

The source while pointing to “Muazu and Abba Kyari as having knowledge of the real owners of the money” elaborated that Abba Kyari had been a PDP member who was also active during the presidential election through his close friendship to Muazu.   Both Muazu and Abba Kyari had played active roles in the PDP fund raising activities. Abba Kyari seats on the board of Peoples Daily, a northern based national newspaper known for its PDP slant of news items. He had work as a staff of the United Bank of Africa [UBA].

It was through his closeness to Maman Daura, the nephew to Buhari that got him the job as Chief of Staff, not his membership in the All Progressive Congress [APC]” the source said.

And as soon as he took office as the chief of staff at the State House, one of his first actions was to appoint an in-law of Muazu [Jalal Arabi] to the position of Permanent Secretary to the State House. He appointed the husband to the sister of Muazu as the new permanent secretary. He is married to Muazu’s sister, Hajiya Kubura. Interesting enough, Adamu Muazu had awarded lucrative white elephant contracts to Abba Kyari while he was Bauchi Governor. The then governor gave a house located at Sir Kasim Ibrahim Road in the heart of the pricey GRA neighborhood in Bauchi State worth over N700m to Abba Kyari at a price of N1.2million. The property supposedly sold to Kyari belonged to the State of Bauchi and Abba Kyari is not an indigene of Bauchi State or civil servant of the State. Knowledgeable inquirers from Bauchi question the reason behind the sale of the property to Abba Kyari and the link that exists between the two persons.

Adding muster to already soiled situation, Jalal Arabi, according to information available to 247ureports.com, had failed to pass the Director’s examination twice – but his dismal records were overlooked – in appointing him the Permanent Secretary. Our source reveals that Jalal Arabi’s appointment as the new Permanent Secretary was primarily to protect the interest of Adamu Muazu.

Adamu Muazu, on his part, is reported to have used the apartment complex for near dubious activities. As 247ureports.com gathered, Adamu Muazu, during the period the entire apartment belonged to him, would use the apartment complex as bribery points for anyone seeking favor from the State – while he was in power. Usually, Adamu Muazu would invite would-be favor seekers – to meet him at the luxurious apartment complex. While at the apartment complex, Adamu Muazu would listen to the favors sought by the person. He would then ask the person to purchase one of the apartments at a specified purchase price.

Since the end of the presidential elections of 2015, Adamu Muazu has been reported to be on the run from various investigating anti-graft agencies. The EFCC is reported to have an open case on him presently.

The presence of persons such Abba Kyari, Jalal Arabi and numerous others who are believed to be loyal to PDP chieftains and possibly working to protect the interest of the opposition parties – inside the Buhari administration is unhealthy and poses potential obstacles to the continued progress in governance.

It remains uncertain how the probe committee set up by the presidency to investigate the source and owners of the cash find will perform. But our source points to the inclusion of the vice president, Attorney general and the National Security Adviser into the committee as suspicious. “The committee was hurriedly set up and populated with personalities from the system”. During the period when the chief of staff battled against allegations of bribery from the mobile communication giant from South Africa, MTN, it was the Police and the DSS that were assigned to investigate the matter. The source asked why not assign the present investigation to the police and the DSS. “Why a committee this time?”

The committee will give the suspended NIA boss a soft landing.”



  1. Your story doesn’t make any sense to all discerning minds .

    Are you saying that the Chief Of Staff ( who was appointed in late 2015) acquired the flat in the name of NIA Director General’s wife ?
    Mrs Folashade Oke owns the flat and other residents saw her bringing in large bags suspected to contain money . Let’s try not to muddle up this case the way Fayose, Fani Kayode and Wide tried to twist the facts.


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